Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 10th August, 2017 – Story Reading Ape with Yecheilyah Ysrayl, Wendy Scott with John Howell and Jennie Fitzkee

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to my selection of blog posts from around the community. Even wearing my superwoman cape it is impossible for me to get around to everyone.. but I try.. So help me out and send me the link to your most recent post so I can share in the blogger or at the very least share in the usual haunts.

The first post is a fascinating slice of history and an extremely important cultural celebration from Yecheilyah Ysrayl who was the guest of The Story Reading Ape.

The Harlem Renaissance, also known as The New Negro Movement, was a cultural, literary, and artistic movement of the 1920s. It wasn’t anything new but it brought Black talent and creativity to the mainstream. What came about was something that had been part of the so-called Black experience for centuries. What came about was something that we brought with us on slave ships and carried off to plantations. What came about was a re-introduction of Black centered music, literature, and art not to Blacks themselves but to America. It was a re-introduction because not only were we stripped of our identity upon arrival here but also our spiritual way of life. Now, as many Blacks migrated to Northern cities such as New York, Chicago, and Baltimore, this culture was being introduced (at least in part) to mainstream America.

Read the rest of this illuminating post:

The Rave Writers- International Society of Authors – is in the middle of a month long blog tour, showcasing its members. Wendy Scott is hosting John Howell today and of course we are treated to one of John’s stories.. you know the ones that you never know what to expect and wait with bated breath to find out.

RWISA Showcase: Last Night by John W Howell

So, with nothing better to do, I figure I’ll stop at Jerry’s place and grab a couple of drinks and a burger. Usually, I don’t go there on Saturday night since there’s a crapload of amateurs taking up what would be considered prime space. I figure since this is a Friday and close to Saturday, it may be packed, but not as crazy as Saturday. It’s the kind of place where everyone minds their business. They’re there for a good time and will likely not notice me. Even so, I go through the door, stop, and have a look around, trying not to make eye contact. I hope that the ball cap and large coat will keep me from getting noticed.

The bar holds a weekday crowd, hanging on each other like they never had a date before. I tighten my eyelids against the smoke and make out four guys near the pool table, and what looks like a couple of girls fetching drinks. I search for a seat beyond the table in the back, but it seems like they’re all taken.

A guy bumps into me as I stand here. I say excuse me, and he looks me in the face. “Hey, don’t I know you?” he says.

“I don’t think so.” I make to turn away.

“Yeah, you’re the sports hero who lost all his money. I saw you on TV.”

“Naw, people always say stuff like that. I’m not him, buddy; trust me.”

He gives me a puzzled look but doesn’t want to push it, in case he has it wrong. I turn away and continue to look for a seat.

Head over to Wendy’s and read the rest of the story:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

And last but not least, Jenny Fitzkee who writes such wonderful posts on teaching children to read and write and be passionate about books, shares her delight in meeting one of her own idols.

Mount Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts hosts children’s book authors, and recently Patricia MacLachlan was a speaker. Remember Sarah, Plain and Tall? It was the first book that made me cry as an adult. Mandatory reading for my children when they were in third grade.
Sarah, Plain and Tall also won the coveted Newbery Award. That’s the brass ring, the Holy Grail in children’s literature. My copy is very worn and well-loved. Patricia smiled when she saw the book and said, “This is one of the first copies.” It seemed to bring back memories for her.

When I arrived at the speaking event, I was surprised. The room was old and lovely- fireplace, sofas, big casement windows. It was filled with students from the children’s literature course… and me!

“Please, come up front. I’d be happy to answer any questions before we begin”, she said. “I don’t see well with my macular degeneration, so please come closer.”

Read the rest of this wonderful post:

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and read the complete posts. Thanks Sally



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