You are never too young to cook!

Carol Taylor shares her cookery with her grandchildren and the value of making this everyday process family time and also an opportunity to put the darker side of life to one side whilst we knead dough.. Her grandchildren are already becoming very adept in the kitchen and this is a lovely post. Also coming up at just after midnight Wednesday morning on Smorgasbord, Carol joins me with some of her recipes for that versatile and healthy fruit the Banana.

Retired? No one told me!

I believe that if children want to cook then they should be allowed…There are always things they can do …..Even Lily she bashes the biscuit crumbs for the cheesecake base..she is a dab hand with the pestle and mortar and can cut a mean mushroom. She also has to clean cook…You clean…Is my motto…

Aston has progressed, he cooks all the steaks and eggs, the pie tops and is my taste tester for Thai food… A bit more lime or fish sauce and ramp up the chillies is his mantra.

Even Lily especially when it is beef salad sits with tears rolling down her cheeks saying Ped (hot) and still eats it…lol…. A true Thai 🙂

Aston cooking brushing the pies

Aston sharing what he has cooked…His friends in the village wanted to try our food..this time it was spaghetti bolognese….next time he is going to make carbonara so he tells me…I think food unites…

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