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Time for a little horror and some guidance on how to create the perfect terrifying environment. The Fright Factory by Lillian Csernica.

About The Fright Factory

Horror can be anything from the most elegant ghost story to the total freak-out of a bloodthirsty serial killer. The Fright Factory can show you how to make the most of your story ideas. Choose the best setting. Build a better monster Learn the fine art of creating suspense! It’s all here, including an essential list of the worst horror cliches no editor wants to see.

A review for the book on Amazon

Lillian Csernicas Fright Factory is a must read for people who want to write horror or for those who already do but want to make it even better. Though this is not a very big book Lillian has filled each page with tips and ideas and still manages to make it an enjoyable and fascinating read. My favorite part is her refrences to books, stories, and even films to show you what she is saying unlike other writing books that create an example and you are just suppose to remember it when you write. I am not a writer but I do love reading horror so it was interesting to read because some of the things she brought up as things not to do are actually things I dislike about horror novels so I know how it is.

And a review on Goodreads

Julia rated it Four Stars

This is one book that is non-fiction that is meant to help you in your stepping forward of writing a horror or dark fantasy novel. As a result the subjects are easily approachable, presented in a truth of matter style and given to you with a straight dose of this is what you need to do it but if you don’t listen then it isn’t on me (which I like that.

The various chapters of the book touch on getting the right timing the right setting and the right monster whether he is driven by good or bad intentions just to name a few. Others touch subjects that shouldn’t be written on, how to advance writing a multi-genre story and which clichés to most definitely avoid.

The parts that I enjoyed the most truly is the fact that the author was continually reminding the reader that H/DF stories need realistic emotional strength to move forward and to never overlook the small things for they can make or break a story.

And finally I liked the touching of bases of various “monsters” countries all around the world. With the world of paranormal romance claiming vampires and werewolves it is hard to find a book that doesn’t these types of characters to death while I would be more than willing to read a book with an original or little used monster..

And finally I have to say I loved the book for the tidbits and story-leads the author presented in her works fired up my own imagination. I am truly no horror fiction author but my mind was judging the pieces offered then trying to run away with it.

This book is for those who are dabbling in H/DF or those who are actually trying to break in thus I strongly recommend this book as a basis. And to any other author whether you are horror or non-horror this book would be a helpful tool for you can switch out ideas, words and other horror-focused ideas to replace with any other genre, which in turn makes writing a bit easier for all.

Thank you Lilliann for giving me a chance to read then review your work for future audiences.

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About Lillian Csernica

At age five, Lillian Csernica discovered the Little Golden Books fairy tales. From there she moved on to the works of Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Tanith Lee, and Terry Pratchett. Her very first short story sale, “Fallen Idol,” appeared in After Hours and was later reprinted in The Year’s Best Horror Stories XXI. Lillian has gone on to publish over forty short stories in such markets as Fantastic Stories, Killing It Softly, and After the Happily Ever After. Her Christmas ghost story “The Family Spirit” appeared in Weird Tales #322 and “Maeve” appeared in #333.

Lillian’s two nonfiction ebooks, The Writer’s Spellbook: Creating Magic Systems for Fantasy and The Fright Factory: Building Better Horror, provide nuts and bolts instruction in the techniques of writing those genres.

Born in San Diego, Ms. Csernica is a genuine California native. She currently resides in the Santa Cruz mountains with her her husband, two sons, and three cats.

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