Papaya Salad…. one of Thailands iconic dishes.

As I head off into the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and relax for the evening.. I will leave you with another of Carol Taylor’s recipes.. I am used to ripe papaya but here Carol shows you how you can incorporate green papaya into your savoury dishes. #recommended

Retired? No one told me!

Papaya Salad Som Tam

Papaya Salad or as it is known here, Som Tam.

One of my favorite dishes which is eaten with nearly every meal and sold everywhere on markets, by the roadside with lovely chicken or fish and a dish that I would say every visitor to Thailand will sample and remember.

You will see the trees growing everywhere in gardens, by the roadside and waste land we have at least  6 in our garden alone and not sure how many on the farm and have planted one outside our house so that anyone passing can help themselves.

The papaya tree laden with fruit:

Papaya on tree

For those of you who are not lucky enough to be able to buy green Papaya then here is the recipe for you and some alternatives if you can’t buy green papaya.


A Green Papaya…1 papaya unless you are making a huge dish full will make at…

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8 thoughts on “Papaya Salad…. one of Thailands iconic dishes.

  1. Another Plant I would love to grow but couldn’t here as it would need a warmer winter…. although they were selling saplings in the local Asda supermarket and I was tempted…. but we have grown stuff like this before… custard apple… only to have it finally give up the ghost in our cool late springs. It i great fruit though…. I think Robbie could manage growing it in South Africa….Over to you Robbie…..

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