Odd Jobs and Characters – The Shoe Department – Hosted by D.G. Kaye

Up to now I have shared the first three posts in this series on my own blog. As part of my launch of my new short story collection – What’s in a Name Volume Two – the remaining episodes are kindly being hosted by some of my fellow writers.  I am very grateful for their ongoing support and I hope you will head over and read of my misadventures.

You will find all the episodes to date in this directory which includes my jobs along the seafront and two posts at the dental surgery: https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/sallys-odd-jobs-and-characters/


This week I handed the next episode to D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) who added some accessories to the Shoe Department in the form of a wonderful intro and the story Xenia which is from the new collection. One of the most difficult stories that I have written as it is very close to my heart.

My thanks to Debby for making me feel like visiting royalty… so touched and grateful.

Here is an extract from the post and I hope that you will head over and read my episode and the bonus story Xenia.

Now, without any further ado, Sally has generously offered to share one of her short stories for this post and she has cleverly picked out a story about shoes because she knew shoes are a subject close to my heart. Sheesh, my shoe-lovin’ reputation has certainly been made known, even in the virtual world. In one of Sally’s other books, Just an Odd Job Girl, Sally tells the story about a girl named Imogen, which includes many odd jobs she worked along the way, rising above many sticky issues. The book is written in the fiction genre, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that Imogen was indeed Sally! Today, Sally is sharing a story about one of those jobs she had from the real life version.

Odd Jobs and Characters – The Shoe Department by Sally Cronin

My thanks so much to the wonderful Debby Gies.. .D.G. Kaye for her continued and much appreciated support for my blog and books.

I loved working in the dental surgery, but I felt that I would like to take the medical side of my training further. I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and join the Royal Navy as a nurse in the Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Service. I applied and was accepted for an interview which I attended at Haslar Naval Hospital. It was a bit of an ordeal as it involved a written exam, physical exam and an interview with senior nursing and naval officers. I returned home and waited for the outcome. A letter arrived a week later, to say that I had been accepted, but not for another eighteen months.

This left me in a quandary, and being the age I was, I felt that before I joined up I should see a little more of life. I handed in my notice at the dental surgery, applying to the local department store for a temporary job whilst I decided on my strategy for the next year or so.

I have to point out that I am one of three sisters, with a mother who loved shoes and handbags, and it appeared that she had passed those particular genes onto us. I can remember at a very early age spending many happy hours in the bottom of my mother’s wardrobe, rummaging through her high heeled dancing shoes and trying them out for size. Not very elegant at five years old, but habit forming.

Please head over to Debby’s for the rest of the post and bonus story – Thanks Sally:https://dgkayewriter.com/guest-author-feature-sally-cronin-name-volume-2/

Thanks again to Debby for such a wonderful start to the series tour and please check out her books available: http://www.amazon.com/author/dgkaye7

Next week – The Cosmetic Department – Hosted by Diana Wallace Peach.

14 thoughts on “Odd Jobs and Characters – The Shoe Department – Hosted by D.G. Kaye

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    • Exactly. I lost a baby too and after that I couldn’t have any more children. I was so so lucky in that I had my girls. But you’re right, there are things that stay and that is what she was talking about, because my other girl lost baby too and these babies always stay with you. That is what she was saying. So I told her about your post.. I was just sorry that this happened during that awful frantic play period and I couldn’t get spending the time with her I wanted to spend. The one silver lining was that she and her husband were mean to be going on holiday and they didn’t. And my other daughter begged me to get Cor involved–she is trained –but I thought I couldn’t, that would looks so bad. But Eilis nagged and nagged because we were two cast members short on the Sat night and everyone was ducking for cover re taking on any more, also one of the women who ahd taken on for a Sat nite cover felt she couldn’t get the handle on the Dundee ‘wummin’ bit in what was technically a riot scene. I had already stepped into one set of roles, and then taken that one on. Anyway I did ask her and she agreed to take one part, then she agreed to take other parts, then the night before she felt it had done her so much good to have something to take her mind off it all, not sit staring at the wall, she said she wished she had signed up for the whole run. So, with great pleasure I gave her two of my vignettes, one of my Sat nite take ons, some placard holding and some bits that were simply read from a book. I think ti did her the world of good in so many ways. xxxxxxxx

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      • It will have been a huge benefit Shey and so important to have that feeling of being useful and part of something bigger than you are. They only discovered 18 years later that something had gone wrong during the late term miscarriage and I couldn’t have any more either. So pleased that you already had your girls. hugs xxx

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      • Oh Sally, I am grateful every day to have them. I was so upset for her but hey we live to fight another day and I guess having something important to focus on helped her get to that day sooner. Big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Debby really did you proud Sally with this lovely post and review of What’s in a Name Vol 2: a great teaser for the book. really hooks you in. The two stories, both brilliant in their unique ways are a tribute to you versatility. The friendship between the two of you is tangible.

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