Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 – Don Massenzio, Jena C. Henry, The Recipe Hunter and David Prosser

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to my small selection of posts around the community that you might have missed. The first is from author Don Massenzio who takes us through how to unmuddle the middle of our novels. Happens to many of us..

In the past weeks, I have posted tips on crafting the opening of your novel. I also had a post that generated much discussion on the ending of your novel. I saved the best (most troublesome) for last, the middle. Some will refer to this as ‘the muddle’.

This is the part of your novel where you must keep the tension going and keep your reader interested as you lead them from the opening to the conclusion. You have to make sure there is enough action, intrigue, or development (depending on your genre) without giving away too much information until it is necessary to do so.

So, what kinds of devices can you use to keep your plot going without stalling or hitting a wall? Here are some of them:

Find out the strategies than Don shares to get you untangled:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I have been off gallivanting today in two posts and will reblog the second tomorrow.. but earlier today my recipe for brown rice pilaf was posted on The Recipe Hunter. Apart from my recipe – A muti-vitamin on a plate you will find a massive selection of recipes including a good range of Gluten Free options.

My thanks to Esmé for inviting me to share one of my favourite recipes that we have enjoyed regularly for many years. I am a nutritional therapist, blogger and author of several health related books as well as fiction.

My philosophy about food is very simple. ‘Cook from Scratch’ avoiding industrialised foods that have been infused with chemical enhancers and gift-wrapped in plastic. This does not mean that you stop eating the occasional food that comes in a packet or carton, but if you eat at least 80% of your food from fresh produce with only 20% that is manufactured you are doing pretty well.

However, all of us go through times when we might need a little additional help and that is where taking the right supplements is useful.

Here is the recipe for brown rice pilaf:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Some people have been sharing their bucket lists recently and it is something I was going to do a post on. Instead I enjoyed reading Jena C. Henry’s bucket list with regard to visits to National Parks..The USA has some wonderful wild and scenically stunning parks so head over and check out the ones on Jena’s list.

July was National Parks and Recreation Month and we were exhorted to “get our play on.” I don’t believe I got my play on, but I was inspired to make a bucket list of U.S. National Parks that I have been wanting to visit. Now that I don’t have young kids at home that I must nurture and expose to experiences that are good for them, I haven’t planned any trips to National Parks. Oops. National Parks and Recreation Month got me to thinking that I might be missing out on some amazing adventures.

My heart does yearn to visit some parks, so I will be sharing my bucket list with you and asking you to tell me about your trips to our Parks.

But first, some numbers and facts.

  • Number of National Parks- 59
  • Number of states with National Parks- 27, plus 2 territories
  • State with the most Parks: California has 9, followed by Alaska-8, Utah-5, Colorado-4.

Head over and read the rest of the post and add your comments on the best national parks to visit:

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

And finally today something dear to my own heart.. The legend of King Arthur as shared by David Prosser. Having spent some years living and working in Wales and trekking the mountains and lakes, including some mentioned in the legends, I can say with certainty that there is a very different atmosphere in certain places. As dark clouds laden with rain, scud down the side of a mountain it is easy to imagine that it conceals a dragon or monster. Anyway having got you in the mood why not head over and follow the trail of this mythical king.

The legend of King Arthur is rooted deep in Welsh history.

North Wales famed for it’s beautiful and rugged terrain is a land steeped in legend and mystery.

Few are bigger or have more universal appeal than that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Links to Arthurian mythology are deeply rooted in Welsh history, dating back to the dark ages. Much of the stories come from generations of local folklore, and many of the places mentioned in the tales are located right here in Wales.

Professor Raluca Radulescu, lead of Bangor University’s MA in Arthurian Literature is referencing the Welsh links to the King Arthur stories: “The historical roots of Arthur are in Wales, and more specifically North Wales, and with the story of Myrddin (Merlin of later day) and King Vortigern at Dinas Emrys (Beddgelert).

“With the two dragons fighting, and Llyn Ogwen’s associations with Arthur’s sword Excalibur, one cannot get any closer to the heart of these beloved and internationally-known medieval Welsh legends.

There are several Welsh lakes which are claimed to be the final resting place for the the sword Caledfwlch (Excalibur). Llydaw, Dinas and Ogwen – all of which are in Snowdonia National Park have been linked to the legendary weapon. In Legend of the Sword, Arthur actor Charlie Hunnam throws his sword into one of these lakes, filmed near the valley of Nant Gwynant.

Head over and follow the legend himself:

Thank you for dropping in today and hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have. Thanks Sally


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