Smorgasbord End of Party Playlist – Ritu Bhathal, Victoria Zigler, Beetly Pete, Patricia Salamone and Marsha Ingrao

I was so pleased with the response to the party and those who took part in the quiz and left their links. I did manage to feature some of the requests but there was simply not enough time to include everyone… So… I will be sharing those guests and their links and music choices in the Blogger Daily slot for the rest of the week.

Here was the Quiz…

  • Which is your favourite recording artist or band
  • Pizza or Pasta
  • Favourite Film
  • Person you would most like to meet Dead or Alive

Yesterday I featured a pasta dish for those of you who selected it as your preference.

Today… a recipe for pizza – from Simon Brookes of the Clay Oven blog here on WordPress.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that pizza cooked in a fiercely hot clay oven is the best you will ever taste. Why are they better than pizzas cooked in the gas or electric oven in your home? It’s all about the heat! The oven in your home will reach a maximum temperature of around 250° C. A clay oven, fired for a few hours, will reach temperatures well in excess of 400° C and it’s this furnace-like heat that turns a thin circle of dough, topped with oil, meats and cheese, into an absolute gourmet treat! Pizzas cooked in a clay oven take no longer than 2 minutes to cook. They have thin, crisp and slightly charred bases while the toppings remain delicious and full of flavour. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! so lets get on with the main thrust of this post which, if you haven’t guessed already, is about making pizzas in a clay oven.


I interviewed Simon Brookes on radio back in 2009 as he is an Associate Dean at Portsmouth University..You will find details on building and using Clay Ovens on his blog.

You will find the ingredients for the dough and the toppings over on the blog..

Now time to share some of the guests to the party with their favourite music. I will try and find a track from the artist on Youtube, and I will add any book links and some social media and if you are not already following them, then this is your chance.

Ritu Bhathal

Favourite recording artist: so many!!! But I’ll choose Sade for today…!
Pizza or Pasta: Pasta. Without a doubt!
Favourite film : No question – The Jungle Book (animated)
Person I’d most like to meet dead or alive: I always find this hard to answer but usually my mind goes to my grandparents who I never really got to know!

Ritu is a poet and you can find her debut collection, read the reviews and buy:

Facebook page:

And here is Sade with Smooth Operator and you can buy her music here:

Victoria Zigler

Discover all of Victoria’s books and read the reviews:

◾ Which is your favourite recording artist or band? Boyzone.
◾ Pizza or Pasta? Pizza.
◾ Favourite Film? Practical Magic.
◾ Person you would most like to meet Dead or Alive? Don’t know; there are several, so I’m not sure who to pick.


And here for Tori is some Boyzone and I have chosen one of my favourites: Picture of You... and you can buy their music:

Next to share his music choice is Pete Johnson of Beetley Pete who shares stories of his home in Norfolk and his dog Ollie. He also writes articles on travel, music, film and posts lots of photographs.. Pete is also a prolific short story writer and has written posts for other blogs. Please head over and check his archives.

1) Tough choice. Overall, Steely Dan.
2) Pasta. it’s more versatile, but I like pizza too.
3) Blade Runner. A complete film in every way.
4) Another tough choice. Orson Welles.


Here is some Steely Dan for Pete and one that holds very good memories for me Hey Nineteen. You can buy their music:

My next guest with a music choice that I think you will enjoy is Patricia Salamone author of The Italian Thing.. the story of a family reunion in Italy that was surprising and entertaining.

You can read the reviews and buy the book:

My choices areDance, by LeeAnn Womack and Bette Middler’s, The Rose
Pizza or Pasta, asking an Italian that is really putting pressure on me. I will go with pasta.
Out of Africa.
Sam Elliott.


Here is I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack and you can buy her music here:

Marsha Ingrao
Marsha Ingrao has a number of passions that include the wonderful Woodlake Botanical Garden in California, which she works tirelessly to keep as part of her community, and also blogging. She is a keen supporter of us all as well as the development of young people in the area.
With an Italian husband, you gotta love both pasta and pizza. I love Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza.
A few months ago we discovered a new, amazing ukelele player named Jake Shimabukuro. He’s amazing.
Favorite person to meet: guess that would be my mom and grandpa. Hopefully, that will be a while. However, there are so many left here to meet. Blogging has enlarged my world.
Here is Jake Shimabukuro with Bohemian can buy his music on Amazon and here is one of his many albums.. extraordinary talent:

Well that is it for today with another show tomorrow featuring some more of the party guests that their favourite music.. I hope you enjoyed.. thanks Sally

54 thoughts on “Smorgasbord End of Party Playlist – Ritu Bhathal, Victoria Zigler, Beetly Pete, Patricia Salamone and Marsha Ingrao

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  2. I loved all music videos , especially that with music from Queen. And the pizza made in a clay oven
    Best of luck to all guest authors in finding new fans!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fantastic Crowd here Sally, With great choices of music especially Sade, Steeley Dan and Jake Shimabukuro- Nice to to see the ukulele treated as a seriously melodic instrument as it has always had a bit of Sea side comedy edge a la George Formby.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There’s so much to learn about authors from their answers to those 3 questions! “I hope you dance” was played at my grandfather’s funeral and I always think of him when there is any mention of it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Many thanks for this great post, Steely Dan, and your kind words about my blog. As always, your generosity knows no bounds, and you remain as a deeply committed and fully engaged blogger of the highest order!
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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