Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update – Brigid P. Gallagher, Jacquie Biggar, Jaye Marie

Welcome to the first of the cafe and bookstore updates and the first author with some news is Brigid P. Gallagher with her book Watching the Daisies on 99c offer until Augusts 9th.

About the book

Millions of people around the world suffer from fibromyalgia; the majority of them are women. As yet, there is no cure.

In this memoir, Brigid P. Gallagher shares her experiences on:

  • The busy life she followed before succumbing to this debilitating disease
  • Stopping and soul searching for answers to her vast array of symptoms
  • Entering a new life of SLOW

Drawing on her knowledge and experience as a Natural Medicines therapist, she seeks out therapies to aid her healing and integrates a variety of self help techniques and lifestyle changes. She also unearths a love of solo travel including Egypt, India, Rome, Lourdes, Carcassonne and Bali…

Brigid learns many insights about LIFE on her journey, the most valuable being: “First learn to love thyself.”

In 2006, she began a new career in Organic Horticulture eventually teaching part time in schools. Although she has now retired from teaching, she continues to pursue her lifelong passion for gardening and watching the daisies.

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought Brigid’s book. What I got though, was the author’s personal journey of discovery ; of places, of the mind and of the soul.

This book is written with remarkable openness and honesty, although the graphic detail of a miscarried pregnancy was a bit too much for my mere male sensibilities. Her drive to seek answers and cures spurred her on to knocking on doors and engaging fully in whatever field she entered.

She committed fully, whether it was complimentary medicine, mystical cultures or matters of Faith.

You could say that her journey was Holistic.

It wasn’t all study,though.

Along the way she had plenty of fun and enjoyment. Although she travelled alone, who travels light, travels quicker, she always seemed to meet up with kindred spirits, who embellished her travels.

Like every life journey, there is sadness and sometimes tragedy. Brigid had her share. It would be natural for someone with her outlook to feel close to nature and so it is with her, as her passion for horticulture testifies.

However, it occurred to me, at the end of the book, that she has found her spiritual home, like many others have, in the beauty of her beloved Donegal…the coolest place on Earth. (c) National Geographic.

Read the rest of the reviews and buy the book at 99c:

and more reviews at Amazon US:

Connect to Brigid via her blog:

The next author is USA Today Bestselling Author, Jacquie Biggar with her latest release, Tempted by Mr. Wrong, which is on pre-order for September 5th at a special price.

About the book

Falling for her step-brother is a mistake T.J. doesn’t want to repeat, but one look into those sapphire blue eyes and she’s ready to give Jason whatever he wants.

Tammy-Jo Hawthorne’s marriage was floundering, but she never expected her husband to make her the laughing stock of Magnolia.
And she definitely didn’t expect to trip over him in their front yard after he’d been murdered.

Jason McIntyre was forced out of his home and the love of his life by the man who’d haunted his nightmares for ten long years.

Now Jason’s back–and he wants revenge.

Pre-order the book for 99c for delivery to your reader on September 5th:

A selection of books by Jacquie Biggar


One of the reviews for Hold ‘Em released in April 2017

on May 15, 2017

I have never read a book by this author but found it to be well written and it held my interest. Professional poker player Matt Shaughnessy wins more than he expected when the one player did not have the means to totally pay up. This player a Canadian diplomat was short the wagered amount, he dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out a diamond ring. Asking Matt if he will accept this as a token? It was a beautiful ring and it was in the family for generations and was for his daughter who was to be getting married soon.

Matt lives in Texas and comes from a good Texas ranch family. His grandmother is dying and her wish is before she dies to see her grandson with a good woman, about to marry.
Gardener from Canada, was feeling like he won and he was about to pull the winnings his way before Matt had a chance to lay down his hand.

Cassandra was Gardener’s daughter and they had just settled on her becoming Matt’s fiancée for a week. To come back to Texas with him, meet the grandma and pretend to be in love with Matt. This was to pay off her fathers $250,000 gambling debt.

Cassandra stepped up to the plate in doing what needed to be done to settle what her father had gotten her into. She would be living in the next room from Matt, with a Jack and Jill bathroom separating them. She had to encounter the whole Shaughnessy family and ranch hands, learning to ride a horse, etc.

You could tell that Matt and his grandmother Madeline had a wonderful strong bond. Madeline firmly believed that Cassandra was the girl that she had dreamt about for Matt.
I hope to be able to read more from this author.

Discover all of Jacquie’s books, read the reviews and buy :

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The next book that I would like to give a boost to is the book by Jaye Marie which was published earlier this year sharing a very personal and inspiring story. Apple Blossom: my Story.

This is the light-hearted and hopefully inspiring story of my battle with breast cancer… written to help women just like me, all over the world…

Buy the book:

Also by Jaye Marie

A review for A Ninth Life

Suspenseful Story  on January 29, 2015

Kate is an artist who’s had a very painful life and a few close calls with death. After a heart attack, Kate tries to go on with her life, however trouble lurks in the form of her vindictive ex-husband. One by one Kate’s friends and loved ones meet mysterious deaths and Kate, fearing she’s next runs for her life.
Adding to Kate’s dilemma is a the mysterious voice that’s been plaguing her her entire life, which at times proves to be more of a nuisance than of help.

At times Kate comes across as standoffish, but after reading about her history and the tragedies she suffered in the past, gives you a better understanding for her attitude. After reading about her past, I was wishing she’d find the peace that she wanted.

The story is very mysterious and suspenseful, and I was left wondering if Kate would escape the murderer. The mysterious voice plays a big part in the story and the ending does a wonderful job of explaining the voice and it’s purpose in Kate’s life.

One of my flaws with the story is there were some scenes in the final chapters that I felt could’ve been expanded on. For instance, it would’ve helped if there was a little more buildup before Kate has a showdown with the murderer.

Find out more about Jaye Marie and buy her books:

Read more reviews and follow Jaye Marie on Goodreads:

Connect to Jaye Marie via her website:

Thanks very much for dropping in today and have a great week.. Don’t forget if you have some great news about your books that you would like to share… email me on




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  2. Sally great author’s here and it is nice to see Brigid’s Immensely practical self help book that helps guide us when we go through things we cannot see a way out of!

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