Writer in Residence – Paul Andruss – My review for Thomas the Rhymer and FREE Downloads

I am so pleased that Paul Andruss accepted my invitation to become Writer in Residence this year and I know that many of you have enjoyed his descriptive, detailed and fascinating posts on myths, legends ancient and modern, and many events and people that we thought we knew…. but didn’t.

Paul is a modest but very talented author and he has two books currently available. I have read and reviewed Thomas the Rhymer earlier in the year, and I thought today I would remind you of that review, and also give you the link to download the epub version of the books for FREE.

Paul also has a pdf file available and you can read for FREE by obtaining a copy from Barnes & Noble for Nook readers and also from Kobo.

You can find out how to download from Paul’s site and also links to the other options at this link.


It would be amazing if you do download and enjoy the book as much as I did. If so then it would be great if you could put a review on Amazon by adding in a sentence at the beginning – Disclaimer: I was gifted with a copy of this book from the author..  Or you can leave a review on Facebook and tag Paul in the post by using his full name Paul George Boylan.

Thomas the Rhymer Paul AndrussAbout Thomas the Rhymer (Jack Hughes Trilogy Book 1)

When Fairy Queen Sylvie snatches his brother, schoolboy Jack is plunged into a sinister fantasy world of illusion and deception – the realm of telepathic fairies ruled by spoilt, arrogant fairy queens.

Haunted by nightmares about his brother and pursued by a mysterious tramp (only seen by Jack and his friends) Jack fears he too will be stolen away.

The tramp is Thomas the Rhymer, who only speaks in rhyme. Lost and frightened Thomas needs Jack’s help to find his way home.

The race is on for Jack and his friends to save Thomas from the wicked Agnes Day (who wants to treat Thomas like a lab rat). And save Jack’s brother from Sylvie.
To do this they need the help of Bess – the most ancient powerful fairy queen in the land.

But there is a problem…
No one knows where Bess is… or even if she is still lives.
And even if they find her… will she let them go?

My review for Thomas the Rhymer March 2017

Challenge your senses with a rival to Harry Potter.

After 60 odd years of reading it is easy to get into bad habits. By this I mean sticking to the tried and tested with regard to genres and authors. This is not healthy when you are a writer yourself, as I have discovered when reading Thomas the Rhymer by Paul Andruss.

I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling when it was released. Whilst I enjoyed it as a children’s story, I really did not find myself engaged or inspired to read the other seven books or watch the movies. I felt excluded from the millions who did and usually keep my silence in the face of fans.

However, Thomas the Rhymer had me hooked from page one and continued to keep me engaged the entire 319 pages.

This is an ensemble piece with a cast of characters that would be happy in starring roles in Alice in Wonderland or any Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Jack Hughes, Ken, Catherine and the delightful Rosie, along with Thomas with his foot in this world and that of the Fairies; draw you into their inner circle and hold you fast.

Each of these wonderfully drawn characters face challenges in their past or present that make them feel isolated until they join forces to protect the most vulnerable amongst them and bring a brother home.

The story will challenge your beliefs in spectacular fashion. Is there another world or worlds running parallel with ours, are fairies sweet and delicate creatures or demons; is that tramp outside the Post Office real or an illusion? As you travel with Jack, Ken and Catherine on their quest, hurtling along ley lines and battling fantastic monsters and evil temptresses, you will find your heart beating a little bit faster. And probably checking under your bed at night!

The scenes set in London that criss cross centuries, are filled with historical facts distorted with fairy dust. Next time you are in the city and walking the streets you will be looking into dark doorways and wondering if behind that old oak door with chipped paint lies a nest of elfin waiting to rob you of your senses.

The writing is superb with wit, humour and an edge that turns this from a children’s fairy story into a multi-generational adventurous fantasy that I believe knocks Harry Potter into a cocked hat!

I recommend reading Thomas the Rhymer and at £1.22 it is a steal worthy of the elfin themselves with a value of very much more in my opinion. There are more books to come in the Jack Hughes series and I would love to see the movies.

Challenge you senses and pick up a copy today.

Buy the Kindle Thomas the Rhymer at all online bookstores including your local Amazon: http://www.jackhughesbooks.com/amazon-links.php

Now would be a good time to read and there are two more books to be released in the series.

Also by Paul Andruss

Finn Mac CoolFind out more about Paul Andruss and his books: http://www.paul-andruss.com/about/

By now you will have seen that Horatio Grin is in fact none other than a brilliant figment of the imagination of our Writer in Residence Paul Andruss, who revealed all in this article.


I think you will agree with me that the articles that Horatio (aka Paul) has shared with us were thought provoking, brilliantly illustrated observations about the beliefs and myths that we have grown up. I will admit to taking some of those myths and legends for granted without delving into them to discover truths and in some cases fabrications.

Paul has compiled all of the essays with the two new additional ones (I have read and they are amazing) into either an Epub format or a pdf.  This will enable you to have one source for all the essays in book format.

I know many of you may have a Kindle rather than Epub reader but that is easily remedied.. We use Calibre for all our ebook reading and it can be downloaded to your computer of device from this safe link: https://calibre-ebook.com/

As to the actual copies please email me on sally.cronin@moyhill.com and I just need to know if you would like in Epub or pdf format and I will email you back.

You can find the links to all of Paul’s posts that have appeared here on Smorgasbord in this link.


Thank you for dropping by and I would be grateful if you could share this post and Paul’s books far and wide. Thanks Sally

28 thoughts on “Writer in Residence – Paul Andruss – My review for Thomas the Rhymer and FREE Downloads

  1. Wonderful! Listen, word of caution: Don’t add ‘for an honest review’ on that disclaimer. Big nono for Amazon to remove the review as they don’t like to see books given in exchange for reviews. When I review a book I received a free copy for I always write:
    Disclaimer: I was gifted with a copy of this book from the author. I know many authors who’ve had reviews removed. This is a safe bet. 🙂 xx

    Liked by 3 people

      • Great Sal. Amazon is busy spying on everything with bots and makes their own assumptions on reviews. Their frowning upon review requests has led to so many reviews being removed. Glad to share any helpful tips I’ve come along. 🙂 ❤

        Liked by 2 people

      • My pleasure Paul. I’d hope someone would do the same for me. And I’ve learned about this from other authors sharing their misfortunes about having their reviews taken down – both ones they’ve written for others and on their own book pages by reviewers who openly admit the gifted copy was in exchange for a review. There are many little quirks with Amazon and I try to stay on top of them best I can and share what I learn. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • And you know what Debby that kindness and consideration is why we like you so much….that and the prodigious talent of course!


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  3. I am reading this book, together with Dog Bone Soup and one of Amanda Foster’s lovely books. I always read multiple books before you ask why. It is the way I read because it works best for me with my hyperactivity. I am enjoying all of these books and I find Paul’s to be deeply intriguing and mysterious.

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