Latest on #HurricaneIrma

Many of our community are currently in the path of Hurricane Irma and here is on the ground report from Marcia Meara who lives in Seminole County.. Please head over and lend your support and also get a more personal perspective of this horrendous force of nature on the rampage.

The Write Stuff

Looking pretty grim for the entire state of Florida now, barring any unforeseen swings into the middle of the  Gulf.  This is the latest from NOAA, as of 8:00am today.

This storm is so wide, it will be hitting BOTH coasts at once, and they are saying that ALL of Florida will be getting full hurricane winds, whatever they happen to be when it reaches your location. Currently, the prediction for almost all of the state is “M”, or what NOAA calls any storm 110mph or more. So Category 4 or 5. 😦

Again, we are located slightly east of where the “L” in “FL” is, on this map. So, you can see we are dead center between the two RED “Here Comes the Hurricane” lines. 😯 My son & family are slightly north of us, and my nephew & family are west, so closer to the Gulf. But the…

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14 thoughts on “Latest on #HurricaneIrma

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  2. I’m in North Florida, mid-state but easterly. The projected winds are getting lower in our area each hour. Miami and the east coast had a week to evacuate. The west coast isn’t so lucky.

    There’s a trough of low pressure in the middle of the US. It looks like Irma is going to continue to bear west toward it. But with Irma, if the meteorologist haven’t been able to figure out where she’s going, how can I do any better? 🙂


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