Smorgasbord Poetry – Farewell to Colourful Friends by Sally Cronin

Farewell to Colourful Friends

The time has come to bid farewell to friends
Who have seen me through thick and thin
It’s so sad when a relationship ends
With love tokens thrown in the bin

These mates have brought colour into my life
From black to the lightest of blondes
But with a determined swipe of the knife
I have cut these wonderful bonds

For fifty years I have enjoyed their care
Boosting mood and hiding the grey
But I must think of the health of my hair
So silver and white it must stay

So goodbye Garnier and Naturtint
Thanks for all the years of your care
From today my colour is peppermint
The natural tint of my hair



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My name is Sally Cronin and I am doing what I love.. Writing. Books, short stories, Haiku and blog posts. My previous jobs are only relevant in as much as they have gifted me with a wonderful filing cabinet of memories and experiences which are very useful when putting pen to paper. I move between non-fiction health books and posts and fairy stories, romance and humour. I love variety which is why I called my blog Smorgasbord Invitation and you will find a wide range of subjects. You can find the whole story here. Find out more at

85 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Poetry – Farewell to Colourful Friends by Sally Cronin

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      • Indeed Sally…I stopped because mine was light anyway and because of the sun here it lightened my hair even more and mine went white no salt and pepper look and there was no point in having it done in the end..and now it gets shorter and shorter and it’s cooler 🙂 But your looks really nice Hugs xx


  2. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Sal, what the heck were you waiting for? It’s a lovely shade of blonde you have and I’m so envious you get to say goodbye to your old friends! One day I’ll be doing the same – letting go of the red and allowing my natural blonde with whatever shades of grey, naturally streaked within. Maybe another 10 years, lol. 🙂 xoxo Fantabulous photo of you my friend. ❤ xx

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  3. It looks great, Sally. Although I started colouring mine not that long ago, I’m more than tired of it. I’m leaving the period between colours longer and longer, but there always seem to be a reason why I should get it colored at some point. There’s not enough grey yet but I’m ready to give up (I’m red at the moment. Perhaps pink next?)

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  4. This was brilliant. Wondering what the heck it was all about til the punchline! Very witty, very clever: great poem! And Said it before but wll say it again…. loving loving loving the new you!

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  5. You look fabulous, Sally, and why does it take us so very long to go natural ??? I stopped coloring a few years ago, on the advice of my daughter, wish I’d done it sooner. Now, with grey/silver being so popular, I have young girls all the time complimenting me…as if I did it on purpose ??? Enjoy the new look…it’s perfect !

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  6. You look beautiful, Sally! I love the shade! One day I may go without coloring too. I don’t know what my color is any more. It used to be black, then dark brown, now medium brown with grey getting a stronghold. Lol!

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  7. LOVE the poem, Sally, and you look wonderful “platinum.” Smart and chic. My sister was the blonde in my family, my mother the redhead and I the dark brunette. “Giving up the bottle” is a wonderful savings in time and money, but I still startle every time I pass a mirror. I just don’t relate to that image yet. If I thought I looked as wonderful as you do, I’d be THRILLED!

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