Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Paul Andruss, D. Wallace Peach and Christina Steiner.

To kick this post off I am featuring our Writer in Residence, Paul Andruss and a new review for his fantasy novel Thomas the Rhymer.

I have read and reviewed Thomas the Rhymer earlier in the year,  here is the link to download the epub version of the books for FREE.

Paul also has a pdf file available and, you can read for FREE by obtaining a copy from Barnes & Noble for Nook readers and also from Kobo.

You can find out how to download from Paul’s site and also links to the other options such as Kindle on Amazon at this link.

About Thomas the Rhymer

When Fairy Queen Sylvie snatches his brother, schoolboy Jack is plunged into a sinister fantasy world of illusion and deception – the realm of telepathic fairies ruled by spoilt, arrogant fairy queens.

Haunted by nightmares about his brother and pursued by a mysterious tramp (only seen by Jack and his friends) Jack fears he too will be stolen away.

The tramp is Thomas the Rhymer, who only speaks in rhyme. Lost and frightened Thomas needs Jack’s help to find his way home.

The race is on for Jack and his friends to save Thomas from the wicked Agnes Day (who wants to treat Thomas like a lab rat). And save Jack’s brother from Sylvie.
To do this they need the help of Bess – the most ancient powerful fairy queen in the land.

But there is a problem…
No one knows where Bess is… or even if she is still lives.
And even if they find her… will she let them go?

The most recent review for Thomas the Rhymer by Brigid Gallagher‘s Five Star  Sep 12, 2017 On Goodreads.

Jack Hughes witnesses the abduction of his brother Dan by the wicked fairy Sylvie. Nightmares and visions of a mysterious tramp take over his reality and he becomes torn about sharing the truth behind his brothers disappearance.
Catherine, Ken and Ken’s mystical mother Rosie become his confidantes and join Jack in searching for clues on breaking the wicked faeries hold over his brother.
The tramp’s true identity soon unfolds when the team offer him food and shelter; he is Thomas the Rhymer, Prince of Elphane, who speaks in rhyme:

“Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish that man would GO AWAY!”
The author takes the reader on a series of adventures, travelling along ancient ley lines, bathed in milky blue light that cross a fairy hill, churches and open countryside.

We meet the mysterious Horatio Grin and Agnes Day, whose sister Poppy was also abducted by the faeries. But can they be trusted? And can Jack and his friends find his brother and bring him safely back home?

This book is both clever and well written, and will appeal to both young and old.

Buy the Kindle Thomas the Rhymer at all online bookstores including your local Amazon:

Now would be a good time to read and there are two more books to be released in the series.

Also by Paul Andruss

Finn Mac CoolFind out more about Paul Andruss and his books:

The next author with wonderful reviews to share is D.Wallace Peach for the fourth and final book in The Rose Shield series, Kari’s Reckoning, by D. Wallace Peach published in April this year.

About Kari’s Reckoning

The epic adventure concludes as the Shiplord vies for what he desires—the throne of Ellegeance. Their power in jeopardy, influencers surrender their oaths, their loyalties fractured. Rose, a child of untrained and reckless talent, once again becomes a pawn in the quest for control.

As the Cull Tarr solidify their rule, Guardian plots rebellion. Catling and Whitt, each gifted with singular skills, seek to sway the course of the conflict. Oathbreakers, traitors, and those desperate to save Rose collide in a final battle for the realm.

Yet, a third player emerges in the deadly game. The kari, spirits of a sentient planet, command the air, water, and land. They manipulate events to satisfy their sovereign designs and care not who survives the human war.

One of the recent reviews

I just finished reading the entire Rose Shield Tetralogy, and I am both very satisfied and more than impressed. The author mentions ‘balance’ often in the books, and I believe she truly achieves this herself with this series. Love, intrigue, nostalgia, tenderness, death, war, spirituality, brutality, humor, intensely varied and interesting characters you can’t help but get wrapped around, and plot twists that are surprising again and again and never disappoint.

And that’s the thing – if you do a lot of fiction reading like I do, its unavoidable to be on your guard for turns of direction in the works you are reading that seem contrived or false, disappointing or just plain dumb. None of this happens in Peach series – there are no disappointments.

That is not to say that there wasn’t more than once that I had to stop reading and let the book go for the night, because something happened that I wasn’t sure I could deal with right then. But I kept it up, and I’m glad I did. Writing this at the end of the last book, I am filled with this complex mix of emotions, one like she deftly describes, and it is not bad – it is welcome. She describes herself as a ‘fledgling’ writer and I say NO, she is not. There is too, too much here, far beyond fledgling. The books are not flawless, but I found myself forgiving the small errors immediately to keep on with the story. In my opinion, these books, just like the world she created, are imbued with luminescence.

Read the reviews and buy Kari’s Reckoning:

The other three books in the Rose Shield Series

A small selection of other books by D.Wallace Peach

To discover all the books and read the reviews and buy:

Connect to D. Wallace Peach via her website:

The next book is for children and is The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly by Christina Steiner.

About the book

The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly, Christina Steiner’s newest children book with illustrations from Mary Manning, focuses on the incredible life of the fourth generation, eastern Monarch butterfly.

Steiner’s chapter book, a fantasy story, offers a look into the lives of Monarch butterflies through the eyes of William. When William captures a butterfly for a show-and-tell at his school, he has no idea how special his trophy will become. Much to his surprise, the captive girl butterfly, Anka, is able to speak. With a sad, trembling voice, Anka, pleads for freedom so she may fulfill her life destiny. Worried to show up at school empty handed, William resists her pleas. But clever Anka bargains for her freedom by enticing William to accompany her as a passenger on a fantastic journey. There is one catch, though: William has to shrink in size and become a miniature boy in order to ride on Anka’s back.

William faces a dilemma. Should he set Anka free and show up at school empty handed? Or should he join this girl butterfly on an adventure to an unknown destination?
Intrigued, he agrees to join Anka on her special trip. Whisked away on the wings of a butterfly, a whole new world unfolds for William. Together, he and Anka soar south-southwest from North Dakota to the Oyamel fir forests in central Mexico. A strong friendship develops as they depend on each other for survival.

They stay for five month at their destination high up in the mountains of central Mexico – the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. There, William learns much about Monarch butterflies, about survival, and about himself. But most notably, it is during their return travels in the spring that the true purpose for Anka’s urgency for freedom reveals itself. It is then that William personally witnesses nearly the full life-cycle of Monarch butterflies – from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to stunning Monarch butterfly, the ultimate tale of the circle of life.

The most recent review for the book

A Lovely Tale  on September 8, 2017

Christina Steiner has written a lovely tale that weaves real life science with fantasy. It not only explains the life of Monarch butterflies it also teaches children to respect, appreciate, and enjoy nature. William and his butterfly friend Anka develop a trusting and sweet friendship that takes them on a great adventure. A wonderful book to help children understand the sequence of life and the joy that happens along the way.

Read the other reviews and buy the book:

Also by Christina Steiner

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

Read more reviews and follow Christina Steiner on Goodreads:

Connect to Christina via her website:

Thank you for dropping by and it would be great if you could spread the news of these authors and their books. thanks Sally

If you have a new release or a fantastic review please let me know and I will find the most effective promotion to feature you in.


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  3. Thank you for including me with these other great writers. I’ve read most everything Diana has written. I just love her world building and characters. Recently I’ve finished the last of the Rose Shield Books. They are fabulous. Her writing is enthralling in so many ways. Now of course I’l have to check out Paul Andruss’ books. The list of to read books is growing.

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  5. *Sally, Wow! You know how to throw a fantastic book review party! 🎉 🎋
    *Christina is who I will try to start connecting with since my teaching days lead my heart into her arena most. My days spent from middle school to preschoolers with an integrated program including a majority of special needs. . . science, curiosity and feelings are all covered within her books.
    *Diana is an amazing light energy, has brightened my days often with her wisdom and wit. I read and reviewed, “Catling’s Bane” on my blog. I think I will pass the torch to major book blogging reviewers from now on! This was cool, yet sad to read of the final book of her series. . . She’s starting a new one with Raze and Briyon’s soul, which may send you off to read her fantastic descriptions. . .
    *Paul, I am pleased to see your books with great diversity of covers and themes. The fairy (faerie) world upended in “Thomas the Rhymer,” “Thirteenth Treasure” and the “Daughters of Albion” all sound like they have intrigue and challenges for their unique population. “Finn MacCool” looks far from cold, more like hot! This one may keep me warm reading in the middle of winter, Paul.
    Sally, you are the “hostess with the mostest.”
    Leaving you my guest gifts of flowers and beverage 💐🍾 (☕🍵?) ~ Robin 😊

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