#Weekendwanderings Portsmouth Historic Dockyard #ships #history #photos

Just back on line after a great day and found this post. #Portsmouth is my home town and I have been visiting the Historic Dockyard since I was a child and HMS Victory was about it. Now it is an amazing place to visit with amazing exhibits including some of the artifacts brought up with the Mary Rose… terrific photos from Suzanne Rogerson who visited there recently. #recommended

Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

During the summer we paid a visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It proved to be a fun way to spend a few hours, though it did feel a little strange seeing armed police patrolling what is in effect a museum. I suppose that is just the way things are now.

Anyway, not to dwell on the state of society, the first attraction is HMS Warrior. It’s a beast of a ship and I had no chance of fitting it into one photo.

DSC_19042017-08-25 12.17.06DSC_18782017-08-25 12.16.52

I loved exploring the many levels inside HMS Warrior and imagining life on board.

2017-08-25 12.32.592017-08-25 12.37.052017-08-25 12.38.212017-08-25 12.33.392017-08-25 12.36.222017-08-25 12.36.44

My favourite was the Captain’s cabin (and I think navigator’s cabin) because I could just imagine Commander Farrell from my Silent Sea Chronicles sitting in his cabin plotting his next mission to capture pirates.


There is a boathouse where you can watch boats being built and repaired. But my favourite was this floating sail boat.

DSC_19112017-08-25 12.53.01

The Mary…

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17 thoughts on “#Weekendwanderings Portsmouth Historic Dockyard #ships #history #photos

  1. Great Photos. Love these old sailing ships. So majestic.(I think the LIKE is a problem connecting to my wordpress account even though I am logged in for comments as it does not seem or remember me… will check it out) Px

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  2. Hi Sally,
    I love these restored Tall Ships. Several years ago I worked with my brother (a professional video/photographer) in covering a Tall Ship regala. I even got to ride on the S.S. Bounty before she was lost at sea. They really are beautiful and historical. Thanks for sharing.

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