Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – The Ultimate Bucket List – Living the Dream with Sue Vincent.

Welcome to the Sunday Interview and the theme is The Ultimate Bucket List.

In this interview series I would love to know what your top TWO items are on your bucket list and if you have not written one yet, then perhaps it is time to get your thinking caps on.


Here is more about how you can participate here:

My guest today is Sue Vincent whose popular blog offers a wide range of topics and themes for us to enjoy from poetry and challenges to ancient monuments and churches. Sue takes us on a journey through a much older Britain when paganism was the religion of the day and as early Christianity began to surpass the old ways. She has a constant companion in the shape of a small black dog, Ani, who also writes occasionally posts on the lack of play-time and missing tennis balls. You can find out more about Sue’s books and collaborations later in the post.

Living the Dream – Sue Vincent

Sally says that the top items on the Bucket List can be taken for granted. That may be so, but if we all wish for world peace, to live in harmony with each other and the earth, and see our children and grandchildren grow as happy, healthy and fulfilled human beings, I sometimes wonder where we are going wrong.

Be that as it may, this feature requires that the top two items should be taken from a personal Bucket List… and that is easy. Once upon a time, Egypt was at the top of that list… a lifelong ambition that never came to pass. Others, such as living la vie Bohème and living in Paris, did happen. I have had my fair share of dreams come true… but that is no reason to stop dreaming.

These days my dreams are closer to home. Top of my list is a camper van. As I would have to submit this request to a fairy godmother, while she is waving her wand, the van would come with several years of insurance and a guaranteed pass on its MOT, an unlimited supply of fuel and, while she is at it, a magic cauldron to keep us fed. It would be big enough to live in for an extended period and small enough to get down the tiny country lanes that lead to every stone circle and ancient site in Great Britain and Ireland.

Okay, the godmother might have to extend my lifespan a bit to see them all, but I would give it my best shot!

I am no fairy godmother Sue.. but perhaps something like this?

In return, I would photograph, explore and research every site… and then write books about them, preserving their history, folklore and stories for future generations and sharing this land that I love with others.

While we are in the realm of impossibilities, my first dream would finance my second.

These books would then prove to be so popular and successful that, when the road ceased to call so vociferously, I would be able to settle down in a cottage, miles from nowhere… a place I already seem to spend a lot of time… with a couple of dogs and a tame raven.

The cottage would need a mountain behind it and a stream of iron-rich water tumbling through the heather that surrounds it… a stone circle close by would be nice too, but I’d hate to seem greedy. It can be as simple as you please… as long as it has decent plumbing and an internet connection. To be practical, it should probably be somewhere the local supermarket will deliver to too.

I found this on Pinterest Sue… would this suit?

Dreams and Bucket Lists are all very well… it is good to dream and have something to work towards, even if you are aware that, in reality, those dreams may never come true.

But it is good also to take stock of where you are…and how close those dreams may be. I currently live with the small dog, in a place far from hills and heather…but with fields full of ravens on my doorstep. I spend as much free time as I can manage exploring the ancient sites of these islands with Stuart France and our books share our love of the land and its stories.

And, if we never reach international bestseller status…in so many ways, we are already living the dream.

My thanks to Sue for participating in this challenge.. and I hope that the images turn into a reality one day.

About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire born writer currently living in the south of England, largely due to an unfortunate incident with a map, a pin and a blindfold. Raised in a spiritually eclectic family she has always had an unorthodox view on life, particularly the inner life, which is often reflected in her writing, poetry and paintings.

Sue lived in France for several years, sharing a Bohemian lifestyle and writing songs before returning to England where the youngest of her two sons was born.

Books by Sue Vincent and Ani

41irlk3aanl-_uy250_ 51eltwi-cal-_uy250_

Sue is a prolific author and has also co-written a book with Dr. G. Michael Vasey and over recent years a substantial number with Stuart France.  Here is a small selection.

41j6menjpbl-_uy250_ 41lardqnpnl-_uy250_ 41rbtzowjbl-_uy250_41pohqnoakl-_uy250_51xri-fkwfl-_uy250_

Sue began writing and teaching online several years ago, and was invited to collaborate with Dr G Michael Vasey on their book, “The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power” (Datura Press).

51sl-a2xhyl-_uy250_Stuart France and Sue Vincent are also the authors of the Doomsday series.

41g1rltc0wl-_uy250_ 41mb7ais2l-_uy250_ 510ubnb19ql-_uy250_

Find out more about their work together:

inner-temple-threeSue, along with Steve Tanham and Stuart France, is a Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, an international modern Mystery School that seeks to allow its students to find the inherent magic in living and being.

Also by Sue Vincent

41wlzm7ejdl-_uy250_ 413l6tp2v-l-_uy250_

Read the reviews and discover all of Sue Vincent’s books:

Connect to Sue Vincent

Silent Eye Website:
Website (books) :
Silent Eye Authors FB:
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to your feedback. And if you would like to share your top two ultimate bucket list items then head over to the post and check out what I need. Thanks Sally



110 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – The Ultimate Bucket List – Living the Dream with Sue Vincent.

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  2. Hey Ms. Godfairy, if Sue decides to pass on the camper, can I be next in line for it? I’m hoping you’ll still wink it into being with the several years of insurance and the unlimited supply of fuel and magic cauldron — yes?

    If you could throw in a laptop with external keyboard and on-road i-net service, I promise I’ll not only continue sharing brain-based info with the blogging community, I’ll actually spend some time getting my books done and published.

    I don’t want to sound impossibly greedy, but if it came with a healthy, fascinating and great-looking, companionable driver near my age, I could work as he (note *he*) drove us from place to place so that we could relax and explore on our overnites. (It DOES come equipped with that drop-down bed, after all.) Oh – and I’d need to take delivery in America.

    I can’t imagine she’d pass on the cabin – but I’d be happy to take that off your hands as well. Jus’ sayin’.

    WONDERFUL Bucket List, Sue – and a really fun idea for a Series, Sally.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

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  4. Sounds like an ideal way to live a life Sue. Funnily enough I have no problem seeing you traveling around the world and writing about all the fantastic place you see.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Great post. I had to laugh too, for some reason. Maybe it’s the visuals that accompanied the top wishes, or the specificity down to the number of ravens and the mineral content of the water. Ha ha. Loved it, Sue. I hope your dreams come true. ❤

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