Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – D.Wallace Peach, Mary Smith and Victoria Zigler

Welcome to the first Cafe and Bookstore Update of the week and two new releases and news of an audio book.  The first author with exciting news is D.Wallace Peach with the release of her first children’s book, Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters. Not only written by Diana but illustrated by her too. An amazing amount of work but as you will see from the cover it is fantastic. Available in print only in US, UK and Canada.

About the book

Grumpy Ana Goblyn is sour, dour, and cranky. Her lips droop in a frown. She’s bored with every place and person in her friendly town. With the help of her father, she builds a spaceship and travels to a soggy planet where she meets her perfect monster playmates. But there’s a problem! The monsters see her grouchy frown and think she’s a monster. In this children’s space adventure, Ana discovers that her attitude affects her happiness, and she can change it if she chooses.

Available in print:

Amazon UK:

A selection of other books by D. Wallace Peach

One of the most recent reviews for Farlander’s Law, Book Three in the Rose Shield Series.

I truly believe this series will become one of the classics of Fantasy. It’s that good. Reading the book description for this book, Farlanders Law, seems confusing, but only if you haven’t read the two books before it. There is no confusion for the reader in these books – they grab you and don’t let go. Amazingly, this is done not in just a thriller sort of fashion (although there is a lot of that) but also in so many other ways – these books hit all the high points of wonderful fantasy reading and make them ring like a bell with high clear notes, over and over again. And the momentum continues on without a break into Kari’s Reckoning. Thank you D Wallace Peach for this wonderful Tetralogy.

To discover all the books and read the reviews and buy:

Connect to D. Wallace Peach via her website:

Another new release is the short story collection, Donkey Boy & Other Stories by Mary Smith. 

About the collection

Shot through with flashes of humour the stories here will entertain, amuse, and make you think. Mary Smith’s debut collection of short stories is a real treat, introducing the reader to a diverse range of characters in a wide range of locations. A donkey boy in Pakistan dreams of buying luxuries for his mother; a mouth artist in rural Scotland longs to leave the circus; a visually impaired man has a problem with his socks; and a woman tries to come to terms with a frightening gift – or curse.

Buy the collection:

and Amazon US:

Also by Mary Smith

A recent review for No More Mulberries

I have to be honest; this has been on my TBR pile for ages and I’m sorry but it was the cover that put me off; I wasn’t sure I liked it. And I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even read the blurb; the book was recommended to me by a friend so I just bought it.

I should have listened to her; this is a brilliant read. Different from my usual preference but the writing style of Mary Smith is wonderfully paced; flows so well, and she tells a great story. Not only that, the reader (me!) learned a lot about Afghanistan some twenty years ago, about the culture, the society, the politics and the people. Because the author has first hand knowledge of all these; she lived and worked in the country.

It’s fictional but comes alive through the portrayal of the characters and the way they behave: the Western doctors, the people who live in the rural villages, the children. But none more so than Miriam and her husband. Miriam is in a strange country and place, in a second marriage (having been widowed) and her poignant memories of her first husband mingle with the loyalty to her present husband, Iqbal.

This is such an emotional read: of love, allegiances, losses, secrets and, I think, emancipation.

The dialogue, both internal and spoken is excellent, fits the characters well. I could feel great frustration for Miriam though her words and thoughts.
And the descriptions of the setting of the book; the larger picture of Afghanistan and the smaller, more intimate scenes of everyday existence bring the whole book to life.

For me No More Mulberries is an unusual and interesting story and I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Smith’s evocative book to any reader.

Oh, and by the way, I decided I really do like the cover!

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

Read more reviews and follow Mary on Goodreads:

Connect to Mary via her website:

Next an announcement by Victoria Zigler about the availability of all her books in audio. Victoria is blind and for the millions of readers around the world who are sight impaired, audio books are vitally important..Previously only available as eBooks and paperbacks, all five books in Victoria Zigler’s “Toby’s Tales” series are now available in audio, read by the very talented Joseph A. Batzel.

Regardless of the format you’d prefer, if you’d like to grab copies so you can learn about the fears and frustrations Toby struggles with as a blind person.,

One of the reviews for Toby’s New World

Aug 09, 2015 Gita Reddy rated it Five Stars

Toby’s old world, the one in which he could see, is gone. He has glaucoma, the kind which cannot be treated, and will remain blind. His mother tells him he will be okay, his father tells him he will be okay but Toby is upset and angry. How can things be okay when he is not able to eat without covering himself and his stuffed bear with food? How can things be okay when he cannot find his clothes or his toothbrush? How can things be okay when his brother and sister laugh at him blundering about?

Toby’s New World is a very short book but gets to the root of a difficult subject: how do parents and children handle a situation wherein illness changes a child’s world. Do they smother him with love? Protect him? Challenge him? The answer is amazingly simple.

This story touched my heart. I recommend it to parents and children alike.

You can find Toby’s New World in audio with links to Victoria’s other books at Audible:

You can also download all the audio books from Amazon:

and Amazon US:

If you have an Epub reader: Victoria Zigler Kobo

A small selection of other books by Victoria Zigler

Victoria has a great many reviews on Goodreads and I suggest that you head there first to read:

Connect to Victoria via her website:

Thank you for dropping in today and if you have news to share about your books in the Cafe and Bookstore, please drop me a note. Thanks Sally


39 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – D.Wallace Peach, Mary Smith and Victoria Zigler

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  2. Reblogged this on Joy Lennick and commented:
    I looked up Diana Wallace Peach after she OK’d something I wrote, and was immediately smitten by her style and flair with words. So original and funny too.I really enjoyed the whole blog, Sally! There’s a LOT of talent ‘out there.’ !

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  3. I have this feeling that D. Wallace Peach’s book “Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters” will be a perfect gift for my granddaughter. She looks just like that in the mornings sometimes. I actually look forward to read it myself. It’s ordered. the review of “No more Mulberries” by Marie Smith intrigued my curiosity. A good review is worth a lot, and don’t I know it. Next I will be checking out Victoria Ziegler. Thank you Sally for making me aware of books I otherwise would never find in the multitude of books available.

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  5. What a wonderful selection today. Congrats to Diana on her wonderful new venture with her illustrated new genre, Victoria for making her books available in audio, and Mary for her latest book, which is now comfortably residing in my Kindle. ❤ xx

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