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Welcome to the Friday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore and to start the proceedings today, the new release on September 21st by Andrew JoyceBedtime Stories for Grown Ups

About Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups.

Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups is a jumble of genres—seven hundred pages of fiction and non-fiction … some stories included against the author’s better judgment. If he had known that one day they’d be published, he might not have been as honest when describing his past. Here is a tome of true stories about the author’s criminal and misspent youth, historical accounts of the United States when She was young, and tales of imagination encompassing every conceivable variety—all presented as though the author is sitting next to you at a bar and you’re buying the drinks as long as he keeps coming up with captivating stories to hold your interest.

Comprised of 218,000 words, you’ll have plenty to read for the foreseeable future. This is a book to have on your night table, to sample a story each night before extinguishing the lights and drifting off to a restful sleep.

Mr. Joyce sincerely hopes that you will enjoy his stories because, as he has stated, “It took a lot of living to come up with the material for some of them.”

Andrew Joyce is the recipient of the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Western for his novel, Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

His book Yellow Hair was awarded Book of the Year by Just Reviews and Best Historical Fiction of 2016 by Colleen’s Book Reviews.

Buy the book Amazon US:

and Amazon UK

Also by Andrew Joyce

51jymdwgckl-_uy250_ 51wekgjv4l-_uy250_ 511xzy2h0cl-_uy250_One of the many recent reviews for Yellow Hair

Andrew Joyce has outdone himself! It is hard to believe that this could happen in our great country, and to its native inhabitants. If you know the history of our West, this marvelous book will sharpen the edges all the way around. If you’re not a student of history, this story will touch you down as deep as you live. “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.” –George Santanaya

You owe it to yourself to explore the world of Andrew Joyce.

Read the revies and buy all the books:


61uytgjxb0l-_ux250_Connect to Andrew:

The next author with a great new review is Linda Swain Bethea whose stories of life during the depression years of America and her own family history are both informative and very entertaining. Just Women Getting By is her second book.

About Just Women Getting By

In this collection of six serials, Linda Swain Bethea weaves narratives of women through several centuries. The stories span from 1643 to 1957. Beginning in England in 1643, a young couple travels to Jamestown, Virginia, to begin a new life in the American frontier. The rest of the stories travel from West Texas to North Louisiana to the Texas Panhandle to East Texas.

Disease, death, starvation, and prison are faced with stoicism and common sense, and always, with a sense of humor.

The women in each tale stand tall and possess the wisdom and tenacity to hold families together under the worst conditions. Through it all, they persevere, and Linda Swain Bethea’s storytelling is a testament to the legacy they left.

Conversational and homey, you’ll fall in love with the women of Just Women Getting By – Leaving a Legacy of Strength, which celebrates the courage of those women who had no choice but to survive.

A recent review for the book

Linda Swain Bethea has done it again. I have just finished reading “Just Women Getting By.

The riveting stories of women, strong women living through years of hardship, love, childbirth, death and hard work. Survival is what comes to mind about this book. Stories about life that will make you cry, and laugh at the same time. It is a tribute to women who have silently contributed to family, and country, making do with very little yet keeping the home fires burning.

Linda is an excellent storyteller and will keep you turning the pages, wanting to know more about her characters and how they managed to survive throughout the centuries.The legacy they leave behind for a brighter future for the children they raised and the men they loved.

I also recommend reading her book “Everything Smells Like Poke Salad”.

Buy the book:

Also by Linda Swain Bethea now with over 40 excellent reviews.

Read all the reviews and buy both books:

and Amazon UK:

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The next author is USA Today Bestselling Author, Jacquie Biggar with her latest release, Tempted by Mr. Wrong, which was released on September 5th and is now receiving great reviews.

About the book

Falling for her step-brother is a mistake T.J. doesn’t want to repeat, but one look into those sapphire blue eyes and she’s ready to give Jason whatever he wants.

Tammy-Jo Hawthorne’s marriage was floundering, but she never expected her husband to make her the laughing stock of Magnolia.
And she definitely didn’t expect to trip over him in their front yard after he’d been murdered.

Jason McIntyre was forced out of his home and the love of his life by the man who’d haunted his nightmares for ten long years.

Now Jason’s back–and he wants revenge.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Jason and Tammy Jo are step-siblings yet aren’t related. So, when they explored their feelings when they were about to graduate high school, why did Tammy Jo’s father kick Jason out of the house, calling him filth and other words I won’t repeat? It’s ten years later and Tammy Jo’s marriage is on the rocks and she’s become the laughing stock of her father’s country club. Talk about a bad night. But when Jason pulls up and offers her a ride home, she’s humiliated. Of all nights, he had to witness her spiral down into the mud. No really, she’s stuck up to her whatsit in southern mud with rain pelting down.

Jason’s back in town on a covert operation to bring down two men closest to Tammy Jo. Revenge is sweet, or so thinks Jason. But Jason didn’t expect murder to enter the picture and the one woman who’s stolen his heart may just be the murderer. Can Jason keep his salacious feelings for Tammy Jo at bay while he’s investigating or will he be tempted to dip into Tammy Jo’s honey pot once more?

This is the first step-brother romance I’ve read and leave it to Jacquie Biggar to make it more than just sex. There’s so many layers to this story and I loved it! First, there’s the takedown of a ponzi scheme that Jason’s investigating. Then, there’s the steamy romance between Jason and Tammy Jo. There’s the revenge Jason is seeking with his step-father (Tammy Jo’s father). Oh, plus a murder to solve and Tammy Jo to be cleared. Did I mention the touching sub-plot of how Jason’s mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s?

The suspense was spot-on and something I come to expect now from Biggar’s bestselling books. Sizzling romance with steamy love scenes, also a must in her novels, but it’s the characters that make this a five star and a must-read. I laughed, I swooned, I gasped (totally didn’t figure out the murderer until Biggar revealed it), I cried. Highly recommend!

Favorite Character/Quote: Jason. I loved everything about him from his magnetic sapphire eyes to his fierce love for his mother, from his vow for revenge to his passionate forbidden love for his step-sister. He’s a broken alpha hero but Tammy Jo just might be able to put him back together again.

My Rating: 5 stars

Read all the reviews so far and buy the book:

and on Amazon UK:

A selection of books by Jacquie Biggar



Discover all of Jacquie’s books, read the reviews and buy :

and Amazon UK:

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A note for you if you an author in the Cafe and Bookstore.

I am going to be introducing a couple of new features next year to help promote the authors in the Cafe and Bookstore. Please check your listing and let me know if I have missed any new releases of yours this year. There are now over 200 authors in the bookstore and I want to make sure that I can provide every author with regular updates on their news. It does help me if you drop me a line to with your news. Thanks Sally


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