Dirty books and dusty friends

As we have moved 17 times in 37 years and are both bookaholics I totally got this post by Jessica Norrie.. Including having an estate agent around taking photographs and excluding aspects of the rooms that I was particularly fond of. Anyway this post is about treasured books that when you open, after several years, welcome you with a little more frailty but still manage to evoke the memories of those first reads so long ago.. #recommended.

Words and Fictions

I have lots of dirty books. They gather dust, on their “foxed”  woolly edged yellow pages and their warped covers with water marks where somebody may have read them in the bath. And they smell. Many of them are not pleasant. Yet I seem to have done nothing but chuck out books since just before moving three years ago. Of course, that’s three more years of aging, for the ones that survived the cull.

Now I may move again, as the noise next door has got to me. Every time I move, bookseller’s daughter that I am, I take care to pack my books alphabetically and by classification, with directions on the box for their destination. (Years ago, a removal man burst out laughing: “French Drama in the Back Bedroom eh? Can I come round when you’ve unpacked?”)

books - ductionary usesNew uses for a dictionary

Yesterday, on a whim, I organised and…

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4 thoughts on “Dirty books and dusty friends

  1. Thank you so much Sally. I didn’t realise you’d moved so much! I think in some ways books tell the story of their owner’s life, which is why it’s so hard to chuck any of them out – and in my case anyway, why they are sometimes in a chaotic state!


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