Get Your Hot Dogs Hereee…..

A Sunday treat for you in the form of Patrick Dykie with a tribute (and an anaylsis of dietary content) to the Hot Dog… this is not the latest winner of Crufts but the breed that goes between two buns and is covered in mustard.. I use the term breed but that is not necessarily specific to one breed … in fact there might be several. As always a thoroughly entertaining post that might make you think twice before picking the slightly cheaper brands.. just saying! #recommended

Simple And Funny Observations of Everyday Life

hot dod-3

A few months ago, I attended a major league baseball game. As part of a great American tradition; I paid twenty dollars for parking, faced exorbitant ticket prices for lousy seats, and dealt with astronomical costs for food and drinks. Have you ever wondered why hot dogs sold at baseball parks are so incredibly delicious? Could it be that since they cost nine dollars apiece, they must be a gourmet item, made with the best ingredients, and prepared by master chefs? My experience at the ball park, got me thinking about all the hot dogs I’ve eaten in my life, and some of the wonderful memories associated with this iconic food item. Though the hot dog originated in Frankfurt Germany in 1852, it has become as American as apple pie, Friday night, high school football games, and Thanksgiving.

If you’re over forty, you might remember a classic jingle from a…

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