Views of the Neighborhood – Bird Sanctuaries

John Howell shares photos from Port Aransas where the hurricane damage is not just about the power and other utilities but the devastation of the hard work of the residents to create a sanctuary for wildlife and access to their natural habitats. It took years to create and will take many more to restore. It seems to me as an outsider that perhaps the money being spent on building walls might be better spent in paying for this instead..

Fiction Favorites

I originally made a pledge not to show the personal devastation here in Port Aransas. I am keeping that pledge but feel compelled to show some of the effects of Hurricane Harvey on our three bird sanctuaries. This is a side of a disaster one normally does not see. Also, this is a side of a disaster which by necessity becomes a secondary priority to recovery.  The city has been making repeated pleas to the state and the federal government to release disaster funds to restore basic services. So far, other larger cities have been granted aid while Port Aransas continues to struggle. You can draw a comparison to the city wide damage from these views of the birding centers.

Road to the Alligator

Here is a photo that I took in the summer of the entrance to the Birding center

Here is what is left of the boardwalk

Here is a closer shot of the observation…

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8 thoughts on “Views of the Neighborhood – Bird Sanctuaries

  1. John and Sally there is a saying that when 1 person is affected it is a tragedy but when it happens to thousands it is a statistic. It is amazing how these simple photographs bring home the true devastation to area and then leave you thinking of all the various elements of human loss and suffering.

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