Jazz Age Wednesdays 5 — Pip in the Corn Maze

A midweek treat from Teagan Geneviene if the form of her Jazz Wednesdays.. this week Pip is hauled off to an autumnal gathering with her grandmother but on exploring an adjacent corn maze, finds herself face to face with a distinct oddity. Flabbergasted but not phased.. Pip engages in an intriguing conversation…#recommended

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 

red tam Pictoral Review Jan 19271927

Welcome to October at Jazz Age Wednesday.  I’ve been so busy, I forgot today was Wednesday!  However, I’m here now, with something new for the Pip-verse and I’ve gotten all Halloween-ish!

Writing Process

I was honored when Chris Graham*, the Story Reading Ape himself, agreed to do a short story for one of my Get Caught Reading Month posts awhile back.  (Check it out here*Chris is a fabulous storyteller, and it could be a prequel for the story below.) When I started writing this adventure for Pip, I just wasn’t “feeling it” until I remembered that story from Chris.  With his permission, I decided take a cue from his story and bring in one of his “naughty chimp” characters.

About This Story

This is another pantser tale.  Online I found a Pictionary word list for Halloween.  I decided to…

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