Posts from Your Archives – Barcelona’s Magical Beauty! Lizards! Cathedrals! Casa Mila! Tapas! Spain’s Brilliant Imagery! by John Rieber

Welcome to a new series in the Posts from Your Archive. There is a slight twist with these four posts from John Rieber as he is a photographer and it is easier to share part of his posts here and then send you over to view the rest on his blog and leave your comments there. As the purpose of this series is to enourage more traffic to your blogs… this works fine.

If you have four posts from your archives that you feel you would like to share then send the links to If you would like to promote your books (which is FREE) then that is a separate issue and you can contact me on the same email. For this series I am looking at posts that are informational, entertaining, thought provoking about life, food, relationships, writing, health etc. Posts that you wrote in your early days of blogging perhaps that you feel deserve another airing.

Anyway on now to the glories that are Barcelona, courtesy of John Rieber and his wife.

Barcelona’s Magical Beauty! Lizards! Cathedrals! Casa Mila! Tapas! Spain’s Brilliant Imagery! by John Rieber.

There are certain days when wanderlust takes hold – and if you can’t go to them, then you have to bring these guys to you!

Time To Celebrate Barcelona’s Magical Beauty – Everywhere You Look!

I love these guys. They stand watch on top of one of Barcelona’s rooftops…along with many of their friends:

Welcome to Anton Gaudi’s “Casa Mila” – AKA “La Pedrera”!

Barcelona’s magical “Casa Milà” is popularly known as La Pedrera – meaning ‘The Quarry’. This modernist building was the last civil work designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, built between 1906 and 1910. It is just one of Gaudi’s many amazing achievements in Barcelona!

Please head over to John’s blog to see the many more photographs of these amazing sculptures of Anton Gaudi and also some of the other amazing sights and cultural delights of this stunning city:


About John Rieber

I love great food, interesting books, fascinating travel, outrageous movies, and bacon, especially when it sits on top of a great cheeseburger! I work in entertainment – and I have been lucky enough to interview some really talented Artists – that guides my posts: interesting and provocative movies, music, social media and of course, food, since I believe strongly in the maxim, “everyone eats!”

Connect to John via his blog and social media


Thanks for dropping by and I am sure you will enjoy heading over to John’s blog to see more of his stunning photographs.


10 thoughts on “Posts from Your Archives – Barcelona’s Magical Beauty! Lizards! Cathedrals! Casa Mila! Tapas! Spain’s Brilliant Imagery! by John Rieber

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sally. I have been exposed to a great number of new sites thanks to you, and I appreciate that you have shared some of my posts as well…I post about a lot of different topics, but I have headers for folks who may just want travel, books or food….lots of all of them – thanks again!

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