Watermelon Mojito Popsicles! Vodka Bone Luges! Wildest Drink Recipes!

John Rieber adds some watermelon recipes to Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor this morning… for adults.. watermelon mojitos anyone



Thirsty? Then Bite In A Drink!

Here is why I love the internet…I can find great drink ideas like this –

Watermelon Mojito Popsicles!

best Mojito-Popsicle recipes

Yep, the icy cold goodness of a popsicle with the tasty kick of a Mojito! I found a couple of amazing recipes for these frozen treats, and I wanted to share one with you!

Makes 12 2.5 oz Popsicles

· 8oz. watermelon juice (2 ½ cups chopped watermelon)
· 2 oz fresh lime juice
· 1 oz. simple mint syrup (recipe follows)
· 8 oz. light rum
· 14 oz. club soda

best mojito recipes

Here are your easy instructions:

1. Place chopped watermelon in a food processor or blender and process until watermelon is juiced (will be slightly pulpy).

2. Combine watermelon juice, lime juice, mint syrup and rum in a shaker and shake well. Fill popsicle mold 3/4 of the way up with mixture. Fill remaining popsicle…

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