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It is Friday and one of my favourite reblogs of the week (among many I must admit) is Jessica Norrie.. this week she is exploring the myths surrounding the age zones that denote the passing of some invisible landmark. A passing that apparently changes your appreciation of books, film, fashion and restaurants. As if we are suddenly untrendy. Over 50s is one such landmark and Jessica does the subject justice. #recommended

Words and Fictions

A few days ago I added my own novel to a new Facebook page, Books for Older Readers. It says it’s “for readers over 50 and writers who write books which appeal to this age group. Please join if you write, read, blog or recommend books for the over 50s.”

pennyjenkins-300x225Singing for the Over 50s
with Penny Jenkins
… fun course is for all singers, any ability, no upper age limit! Rediscover the joy singing brings …make music for many years to come. Benefits to health, happiness, general well-being. 

(Digression #1 – we oldies are allowed to ramble –  coincidentally I had an email today from Jackdaws with a singing course for the over 50s. I went on an all ages course there once and it thoroughly rejuvenated my voice! Recommended.)

I’m broadly in agreement with the aims of Clare Baldry, the retired headteacher and author who set the…

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2 thoughts on “Books for older readers

  1. ‘Perhaps older readers just want high quality writing with beauty and style, originality, subjects that will interest and intrigue them, escape… The same as younger readers maybe.’ says Jessica. To which I reply “Would it be a trifle harsh to reintroduce the death sentence for publishers who publish reality star biographies or another one of their New ME life plans?”

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