Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – Dionne Warwick, Posts from Your Archives and Elephants

As you will see there are so many contributors to thank this week. I am delighted to be able to share so many topics covered by such talented writers and artists.. I hope you will enjoy their contributions as much as I have.

Without further a do… let’s meet this week star cast.

William Price King

William takes us through the dramatic events of the 1970s when Dionne Warwick parts ways with long-term music collaborators Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Writer in Residence

Paul Andruss with a companion piece to his post last Friday on the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Cook From Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor

Carol took simple olive oil and evolved it into some delicious dishes that should keep the whole family happy. Cannot thank her enough for all her hard work.

New Series – Sally’s Book Reviews

I will be reviewing a book each week on a Saturday (possibly more days if I can).I am sorry that I cannot except books to review as I have a TBR stretching out the door.. but I hope you will enjoy. This week it is my review for Judith Barrow and A Hundred Tiny Threads

The Ultimate Bucket List

This week it is the lovely Annette Rochelle Aben in the hot seat with her top two items on her Ultimate Bucket List… one involves pulling a few strings and the other needs some lines drawing.

Cook from Scratch from Robbie Cheadle

Robbie has given us another simple but delicious recipe and one that seems to have gone down very well..

Posts from Your Archives – contributors.

My thanks to all these contributors who are sharing up to four posts from their archives. I am looking for posts that go back to your first year of blogging. A time if you were like me you did not necessarily have many followers to read your posts. Time to dust them off again to reach a new audience and a way to promote your blog, books, art etc. If your posts have more than four or five photographs I will still feature them but as a Reblog. You will see an example in the posts below.  I am looking for general interest, stories about you and your life, travel, creative writing, book marketing and short stories. I am not looking for posts about your books although they will be promoted at the end of the post. I will always do a specific book promotion for you outside of the series. Check your archives and send up to four links to

Book promotion – Cafe and Bookstore Update

New on the Shelves

Air Your Reviews

Personal stuff

My thanks to Olga Nunez Miret for hosting the last in the series Odd Jobs and Characters this week.. My adventures with Cut Class Crystal, a car crash and meeting Sherlock Holmes.

Please head over to Olga’s to read the adventure:

I have tidied up the seven posts of the series on media training, marketing and advertising for authors and have a FREE pdf for anyone who would like it. Details in the post.

I will be posting some snippets of selling tips from time to time and this one is about your emails… and how you may be wasting a golden opportunity.

My thanks to two people this week who have done an amazing job in promoting me. The first is author John Maberry who surprised me earlier in the week.  The second link is for John’s quarterly Eagle Peak Magazine

The second is the lovely Natalie Ducey who also gave me a bit of a shock with her post on Wednesday.. a great treat.

Humour and Afternoon Videos


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