Smorgasbord Short Story – Halloween Sunset, Let the Party Begin by Sally Cronin


Halloween Sunset, Let the Party Begin by Sally Cronin

Bethany looked around her cosy cottage and smiled with satisfaction. The lanterns around the walls glowed eerily;candlelight flickering through fangs and gaping wounds in the flesh of the pumpkins. The table was laid with fresh baked treats; the result of many hours toiling over her wood stove. A large pot now bubbled away on top of the said appliance. A wonderful aroma of rosemary and thyme filled the air with an enticing promise of tender meat and dumplings.

Of course you could not have a Halloween party without lots of sweet pastries and candies, and these too added atmospheric colour to the festive table. Blood red velvet cupcakes competed with the dark chocolate of the Devil cake, and green whipped cream  glistened in a skull shaped bowl.

Her friends would be arriving shortly; making their way carefully along the path in the forest in the dark, and then through the narrow opening in her protective hedge. A woman living alone in a remote cottage needed to be careful of intruders, human and creature. The poisonous oleander was perfect for that purpose; both beautiful and deadly.

Those who were welcome, and came to her for remedies and for the mushrooms that she grew so abundantly in her garden, were given the knowledge of safe passage. Those who were uninvited or strangers, were warned by a sign along the path; ‘Minefield’. That usually did the trick!

Bethany turned her attention to her outfit. She loved her little black dress that came out for parties. For her age she had very good legs, even though she said so herself, and whilst her hips were a little wider than they used to be, she still looked spell-binding. She laughed to herself; her cat Cecil stirred and stood up from his preferred position in front of the wood stove. She walked across, stroking his arched back as he wound around her aforementioned legs as if agreeing with her assessment.

‘I hope you’ve rested up Cecil, it will be a very busy night,’ she gently massaged the cat under his chin. ‘Lots to do yet before the guests arrive so we had better get a move on.’

The cat moved over to the red velvet sofa and leapt nimbly up onto the soft cushions. With his paws tucked beneath him, and a gleam in his eyes, he watched as his mistress continued her preparations.

The first to arrive, as the sun set below the mountain behind the cottage, was Viktor looking stunning in a black velvet tuxedo with a cape that swung from his shoulders. He walked in without knocking as was his want, and did a twirl just inside the door.

“What do you think you ravishing creature,’ he flashed his pearly white fangs. ‘Do I look terrifying or just incredibly sexy?’

Bethany cocked her head to one side and felt a slight stirring of desire. No, best not go there as it would only end in tears; hers. Besides it was probably the result of drinking too much damiana and honey mead whilst she was putting on her makeup. She thought she had overdone the potent root a little and it tended to make you feel a little saucy.

She went over and gave Viktor a hug. ‘You look stunning as always my friend,’ extinguishing the look of yearning in his eyes as she emphasized the status of their relationship.

He smiled ruefully. ‘The others are right behind me all dressed up in their most appropriate Halloween finery,’ he laughed as his fangs flashed in the lamplight. ‘We will certainly give the villagers their money’s worth this year.

Just then the door was pushed open and her other friends arrived in a group. Zenia and Zoran in their decaying Zombie outfits emerged into the room first; emanating an aroma that competed with the smell of the stew rather unfavourably.

Bethany wrinkled her nose and reached behind her for her homemade deodoriser made from geranium and peppermint. The two lovers entwined their bony fingers at the end of their tattered costumes, and oblivious to the mist of floral scents that encased them, made for the food laden table.

Behind them came her best friend. Ginger was not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination but she was the life and soul of the party. Bubbly and a teller of tall tales, she was not in the slightest bit ghoulish as her makeup and costume would suggest. Bethany gave her a huge hug and stroked her friend’s green and red highlighted long hair.

‘Ging.. You look stunning tonight,’ she stepped back to admire the entire ensemble. ‘That purple and blood stained dress suits you so well.’

Arm in arm the two women headed for their other friends who were already sipping mead and chatting away by the table. As the evening wore on, the food, and probably too much elderberry wine, was enjoyed. Laughter filled the small cottage as their plans for this Halloween night were discussed and enhanced.

As the clock struck nine times, Bethany clinked her empty glass and called for order. With some difficulty her friends ceased their inebriated conversations and stood waiting for her pronouncement.

‘It is time good friends, to wend our way through the oleander and the forest to the village and pay our respects. You know the terms of our agreement with these good people. We live safely here amongst them, but we must, this one night within the twelve months, frighten the life out of them, so that they appreciate the lives that they have for the rest of the year.’

Costumes were straightened and her friends assumed their most fitting expressions for the occasion. Glasses were put down on the table and one by one they filed past Bethany who was now holding the front door open to the cold night air. Apart from Zenia who gave a little hiccup as she passed by, the group was silent. However as Viktor sidled past he flashed his fangs at Bethany and whispered close to her delicately pointed ear. ‘You needn’t think that clove of garlic on a chain around your neck is going to stop me.’

Bethany smacked him on his shoulder and he laughed as he exited the cottage. Exasperated, but not totally immune to his charms, his proposed conquest moved to the cupboard by the door and extracted her broom. Checking that her hat was on straight, she draped a long cloak over her mini-dress and turned to the red sofa.

Come along Cecil you lazy moggy, hop on we have places to be and fun to be had.

©Sallycronin 2017

I hope this has put you in the mood for Halloween… and as always look forward to your feedback. Thanks Sally


89 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Short Story – Halloween Sunset, Let the Party Begin by Sally Cronin

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  2. What a great set up – it has to continue now you’ve given us this cast of characters and the expectation is that the usual night of celebrations & the contract with the villageers will be broken in some way. And what about Ginger? You seem to imply that she’s not properly a horror figure. That she is wearing a costume rather than being a real vampire. Want to know about her and how she comes to be friends with this lot… More!

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  5. Loved this Sally. Clever and jolly with all your warm capture of characters- you liked each one as you met them- and the usual brill twist in the tale (sic). I liked the reference to Damiana too…. thought you’d sneak that in did you!! A thoroughly enjoyable read. Brilliant Halloween stuff.
    Made for TV! It is a shame it doesn’t seem to do stuff like one off ghost stories and tales of mystery and imagination anymore. If they only had a bit more vision things like this would be so much more rewarding to the viewer than all these gameshows, property & antique shows and tedious reality shows! Give us back proper stories BBC!

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  6. I expected a twist, Sally, but certainly not a witch and her familiar on a broomstick 🙂 Your writing is always so descriptive, fleshing out the story and making it easy to visualize all elements involved. This was absolutely delightful ❤

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  7. Loved this Sal. Who knew you’re a romantic horror writer now? LOL. Loved the mention of too much Damiana. And now you’ve left us hanging without learning about what types of shenanigans will take place – out at the party, and later maybe with Viktor, LOL. Maybe Part 2 next Halloween. 🙂 ❤ xxx 🎃🎃🎃

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  9. I loved your story, Sally! You sucked me right in. The imagery was great and the characters too. Like everyone else, I was left wanting more. I’m definitely in the Halloween spirit now! Well done.🎃


  10. I always knew you were beautiful, but I didn’t know that you could write so well.
    By the way, is your husband a big guy? If so, I’ll stop with the flirting. I don’t need no jealous husband punching me in the nose. I’m kind of a sissy.

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