Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air your reviews – Janice Spina, Karen Ingalls and Gay Ingram

Welcome to the first of the review posts for the week and our first author with a new review is Janice Spina for her book The Case of The Brown Scraggly Dog

About the book

Davey and Derek Donato are at it again in this new book. In this case they come across a brown scraggly dog with blood on its paw but when the boys try to stop the dog, it runs away.

Aunt Gigi is here once again to assist the boys with their magic and provide some new spells.

Clues surface that suggest that someone may be injured and in need of help. The boys will have to use their skills and a little magic to solve this case.

One of the recent reviews for the book – Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite:

Davey and Derek are twins. They do just about everything together, including solving mysteries and learning a little bit of magic from their Great-Aunt Gigi. On a recent visit to their great-aunt, the boys learned a new magic trick and discovered “a large brown scraggly dog with frightened eyes.” There was nothing to identify the dog, but it did have blood on its paws. So the mystery was definitely bigger than just finding the dog’s home. They conjectured whether there was a murder involved. Just as they were attempting to connect with the dog, it took off. And the mystery deepened.

Janice Spina has a knack for writing mysteries. Her recent addition to the Davey and Derek Junior Detectives Series, The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog, is another good twist on what might appear to be a simple mystery. Like the ever popular young boys’ mystery series, the Hardy Boys, Davey and Derek, the two protagonists, make a great team of amateur sleuths. The basic plot of a boy team working together solving the mystery develops simply, mixed in with a little bit of magic, a little bit of boyish fun and a little bit of humor. The reader can’t help but like and even relate to these active youngsters whose minds never stop working. The plot is developed primarily through dialogue, which makes this a good story for an early chapter book reader. There’s nothing better to encourage the reluctant young boy reader than a Hardy Boys-like series mixed with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of fun.

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Now time to update the reviews for Outshine – An Ovarian Cancer Memoir by Karen Ingalls.

About the book

When Karen Ingalls was diagnosed with Stage IIC ovarian cancer, she realized how little she knew about what is called “the silent killer.” As Ingalls began to educate herself she felt overwhelmed by the prevalent negativity of cancer. Lost in the information about drugs, side effects, and statistics, she redirected her energy to focus on the equally overwhelming blessings of life, learning to rejoice in each day and find peace in spirituality.

In this memoir, Karen is a calming presence and positive companion, offering a refreshing perspective of hope with the knowledge that “the beauty of the soul, the real me and the real you, outshines the effects of cancer, chemotherapy, and radian. It is a story of survival and reminds readers that disease is not an absolute, but a challenge to recover.

Recent reviews for the book

Outshine is aptly named. It shines with inspiration, faith, hope, and resolve. In it, the author shares the challenges she faced after receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Outshine isn’t heavy. Nor is it oppressive. It’s well-written and reads more like a story told by a strong woman who shares her trials with the reader. Karen Ingalls also shares the good times she allowed herself to experience in order to keep the balance her mind needed to survive. God gave Karen a strong support system led by her rock solid husband. This system helped her live more positively and gave her strength to acquire and apply all the knowledge she could. Throughout, Karen credits God, friends, family, and her doctors for helping her to survive. I intend to re-read Outshine, intermittently, to help me minister to friends and family who may be going through cancer. I’m also recommending it to anyone that I think it might help.

As a long-time ovarian cancer survivor, I found this book, which I purchased from the author, to be well-written, an excellent guide to help others cope with the cancer roller coaster ride, and a heartfelt personal story. I highly recommend it to all those who have been touched by cancer. Marcia Mabee

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Also by Karen Ingalls

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Gay Ingram released her latest historical novel for young adults and teens in August and time to share some recent reviews, George Washington: From Boy Surveyor to Soldier.

About the book

The death of his father when he was only eleven dashes George Washington’s hopes for a proper English education. Then, his mother refuses to allow him to fulfill his dream of a Naval career. It is only with the discovery of his father’s surveying tools that the young George finds an ‘open door’ to experiences that will prepare him for the greatest adventure of his life…our country’s first president.

A brief excerpt from Chapter One.

Virginia Colony, 1743

The two horses thundered across the meadow, neck-to-neck. Clods of torn-away dirt flew into the air to mark their passage. George tucked his head close to the animal’s neck to excape the stinging slap of a wind-blown mane. Monitor’s shoulder muscles bunched beneath the boy’s legs when the horse launched into the air to clear the ditch. Boy and animal landed with a jolt. George held his seat as the horse rushed on. He wondered if his cousin Lund’s hors would take the jump and looked back over his shoulder. Horse and rider folloed behind, completing the jump. He let out a whoop. The feel of Monitor’s surging energy beneath him, the rush of air sucking at his breath, skimming past a blurred landscape;every part fo the wild ride exhilarated George.

Ms. Ingram has created an interesting picture of our First President’s boyhood. Somehow it is hard to visualize our national leaders as children with their own goals, childhood escapades, and frustrations. It’s surprising the change in attitude toward England and the King that occured during George Washington’s life. These are tidbits of information that aren’t in the history books. It is information that makes President Washington a real person rather than an historical figure in a book. I can recommend it to youth and adults.

History Anew on September 1, 2017

Author Gay Ingram has a way with weaving details, dialog and description as expertly as a weaver might fashion a new rug.

This book was written for an audience much younger than myself. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot about Washington I did not know before, despite being a student of history. Ingram takes the reader by the hand and gently pulls you in, so that you feel as though you are a part of the story. In particular, I enjoyed the parts dealing with the “boy surveyor”. One of my ancestors — a man named Samuel Gann — did survey work in Virginia colony with a young George Washington. To read the story of this time in Washington’s life gave me an intense appreciation for what my own family went through in colonial Virginia.

This story is beautifully-written, rich with detail and emotion. I would encourage young and old alike to read this book and come to know one of our greatest Founding Fathers in a new and deeper way.

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