Smorgasbord Post from Your Archives – Who Packs Your Parachute by Karen Ingalls.

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Time for the next post from the archives of author Karen Ingalls. We all need someone who has our back, is by our side and who has our best interests at heart and can be relied on at any time.

Who Packs Your Parachute by Karen Ingalls.

I have never parachuted from a plane…nor do I want to. Sky jumping or diving is not on my bucket list. However, there is a deep message from the question,

“Who packs your parachute?”

Did you know that there is an exact and precise way to store the parachute? One step done incorrectly could mean the parachute will not open or will do incorrectly. This is a life or death matter. So who or what brings a sense of safety or peace into your life? Who or what protects you? Who or what do you rely on? There was a time in my life when I was a teenager, I relied on my dad for safety and protection. Though I did not live with him I knew he was only a phone call away.

And, one day at 17 years old I made the phone call and he got a traffic ticket when speeding to get to me. During my junior year of high school while living with my dad, two people began to pack my parachute. One was a classmate named Judie, who introduced me to God by inviting me to the youth group at her church. She was always with me talking about God and listening to my fears. I chose to be baptized one year later.

The second person was Arleigh Castle, a neighbor and my role model. I adopted her as my “aunt” which she still is today at the age of 92. She listened to me and carefully advised me helping me to pack my parachute correctly. God has never left my side nor have I left His. I completely put my trust in Him as He guides who I choose to be a part of my life.

Whose advice will I listen to? Who can I confide in? Who do I trust? If I keep God as the Master Packer of my parachute, then those helping Him will guarantee that my parachute will open and I will land on earth safely.

Here is a true story that you might have heard or read before. But it is a powerful one and well worth hearing/reading again.

Captain J. Charlie Plumb is a former prisoner of war and a sought after achievement speaker. His presentations deal with the importance of inner strength to overcome challenges. Charlie Plumb discusses how people can become imprisoned by fear of failure, blaming others and self-pity. Charlie Plumb is the author of two books, I’m No Hero and The Last Domino. Book Charles Plumb at

Just as in my journey with cancer, I have trusted Dr. Matthew Boente and Dr. Robert Holloway to “pack my parachute” with the best medical care. Their nurses and staff have been phenomenal. My newer journey as an author has been guided by some very remarkable people: Amy Quale, Dara Beevas, Jay Monroe, Ruth Fisher, and those at Beaver’s Pond Press. All of them have put encouragement, support, and help in my parachute. I have landed on both feet safely with the publication of three books.

Image: Pinterest

©Karen Ingalls

My thanks to Karen for sharing this story of her own discovery of the importance of having a parachute packer who always has your best interests at heart. And for sharing the story of Captain Charles Plumb.

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I might be a retired RN, but I am an active and enthusiastic writer of non-fiction and fiction. It took a few years before I was willing to show that deeper part of myself. I love to get lost in the world of my novels and let the creative juices flow. I have written several articles for medical and nursing journals. I enjoy researching and discovering new information.

I enjoy writing for my two blogs ( and The first one is about health/wellness, relationships, spirituality, and cancer. My second blog is for authors and avid readers who wish to be interviewed, do a guest blog, and be promoted. I have “met” so many interesting and enchanting people, who have done guest posts for me; or those around the world who follow my blogs and leave comments.

I was thrilled and honored to be recognized as a runner-up at the Midwest Book Awards and then receiving first place in the category of “women’s health” at the National Indie Excellence Awards. The greatest reward is when a reader shares how my book(s) inspired them, taught them something, or brought a deeper awareness about life.


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20 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Post from Your Archives – Who Packs Your Parachute by Karen Ingalls.

  1. This reminds me of the 1976 George Baker hit song, Paloma Blanca ~ No One Can Take My Freedom Away. Captain Plumb is right; we imprison ourselves. Truly we pack our own parachutes by the choices we make. If we take care in selecting those whom we place in our support network, our parachutes will always open. Great post, Karen. Like you, I have no desire to skydive, but I soar nonetheless 🙂 Thought you might enjoy a little George Baker 🙂 ❤

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