Jazz Age Wednesdays 9 ― Pip’s Friend Hank

Time for my usual reblogs on a Saturday one of which is the always entertaining and wonderfully written stories by Teagan Genevience. This week on Jazz Age Wednesdays we get to meet young ham radio enthusiast Hank Hertz. His passion for radios brings him into contact with the law in more ways than one..#recommended

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 

Wow, you’re the berries!  I’m glad to see you back at Jazz Age Wednesdays!  

When I posted a Halloween story, Pip in the Field of Fear, you got to meet Pip’s friend Hank Hertz.  Those of you who have read Murder at the Bijou — Three IngredientsI also know Hank.  Awhile back, I collaborated on a post with Kirt Tisdale at The Wall Gallery.  Kirt also has a “sepia gallery” which is giving me a lot of inspiration for The Skull of the Alchemist (my National Novel Writing Month project). 

For that tale, Kirt’s photo (below) inspired me to write.  However, it didn’t make me think of Pip.  Rather it brought me a backstory for Hank Hertz.  Without further ado, meet Hank.

On the Radio — Meet Hank 

Photo by Kirt Tisdale

No harm in trying one more…

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3 thoughts on “Jazz Age Wednesdays 9 ― Pip’s Friend Hank

  1. This was a lovely story of Teagan’s that for me it effortlessly summoned up a feeling of mid 50’s Classic Americana like watching an old B&W TV show. Lovely gentle story and brilliantly vivid characters

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