Cook from Scratch 2017- How to make a Fishing Boy Cake by Robbie Cheadle

The very talented master confectioner, Robbie Cheadle, is sharing another of her wonderfully decorated cakes today that would make any child (of any age) very happy on a special occasion.

How to make a Fishing Boy Cake by Robbie Cheadle

I decided to make a fishing boy cake. My idea was that the boy would be asleep on a raft on a river running through a field. There would be fish, which would be laughing at the sleeping boy and a few cows in the field.

The picture above shows the detail of the two cows that I made out of fondant for this cake. It also shows the fish with their heads poking out of the water. I didn’t make the fish – Beacon sweets have already perfected marshmallow fish and I saw no reason to try and improve on their creations. I sliced the heads of the marshmallow fish off at an angle so that they would poke out of the blue butter cream icing water.

I made the rocks out of larger peanut chocolate clusters and smaller Hokey Pokey chocolate clusters which I bought during a recent visit to Auckland, New Zealand. Coconut clusters would work just as well but I bought the Hokey Pokey clusters as an experiment [it turned out to be a rather nice one]. I used small flower cutters to cut out a number of orange and yellow flowers which I glued in clusters around the chocolate cluster rocks.

I made the fishing boy out of fondant. I also made the sail out of a sheet of fondant cut into a square and left to dry overnight. The raft is made from four TimTam biscuits which I also acquired on my New Zealand visit. I “glued” the TimTam’s together using royal icing. The mast was made from two thirds of a chocolate flaky which I cut to size.


I made the actual cake from a large rectangular chocolate cake and a smaller square vanilla cake. I cut the “river bed” into the cake using a small, sharp knife. I then covered the whole cake with a layer of vanilla butter icing. I coloured fondant a lovely leaf green, rolled it out and covered the entire cake with a layer of green fondant. I used a small, sharp knife to cut away the excess fondant around the edges of the cake. I created the butter icing river using a light blue icing which I swirled around using the tines of a fork to give it a rough look like water. I used royal icing to attach the chocolate cluster rocks and cows as detailed above and attached the raft to the blue butter icing. And bingo, I had created my sleeping fishing boy cake.

©Robbie Cheadle 2016

About Robbie Cheadle

Robbie Cheadle was born in London in the United Kingdom. Her father died when she was three months old and her mother immigrated to South Africa with her tiny baby girl. Robbie has lived in Johannesburg, George and Cape Town in South Africa and attended fourteen different schools. This gave her lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn lots of social skills as she was frequently “the new girl”.

Robbie is a qualified Chartered Accountant and specialises in corporate finance with a specific interest in listed entities and stock markets. Robbie has written a number of publications on listing equities and debt instruments in Africa and foreign direct investment into Africa.

Robbie is married to Terence Cheadle and they have two lovely boys, Gregory and Michael. Michael (aged 11) is the co-author of the Sir Chocolate series of books and attends school in Johannesburg. Gregory (aged 14) is an avid reader and assists Robbie and Michael with filming and editing their YouTube videos and editing their books

Books by Robbie and Michael Cheadle

One of the recent reviews for Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River story and cookbook on Goodreads

Linda Hill rated it it was amazing Books and chocolate – the perfect combination. On October 21st 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Robbie Cheadle’s Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River Story and Cookbook, but it still took me by surprise.

Firstly, the illustrations (made from fondant and cakes) are incredible and enhance the narrative so skilfully. I got quite hungry just looking at the photographs and that was before I even got to the recipes.

I thought the rhyme scheme was very well maintained making the book good for slightly older reluctant readers as well as enhancing the vocabulary of younger readers. I don’t know if it was deliberate, but I really liked the concept of trolls saving the day. They are usually seen as negative and violent creatures and I felt the underlying message of being helpful and not judging others by appearances was perfectly pitched.

I really enjoyed the whole creativity of this book, not just from the imaginative story set in a land where all things can be eaten, but I loved the accessible recipes and the poem It’s A Boy, which came as a surprise and a more adult element to the book, too.

Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River Story and Cookbook is a feel good, creative book that can be enjoyed on many levels by both adults and children of all ages alike.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And on Amazon UK:

Read more reviews and follow Robbie on Goodreads:

Connect to Robbie and Michael


My thanks to Robbie for sharing this recipe and please head over to her blog to catch up on some wonderful posts about the art of fondant icing and baking.


70 thoughts on “Cook from Scratch 2017- How to make a Fishing Boy Cake by Robbie Cheadle

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      • Seriously Robbie your work always jumps right out at me.
        Have you heard of the British artist Beryl Cook? Now I hope you don’t get offended by the comparison! Her work is full of fun, all her larger than life characters are full of personality… (she is definitely more adult oriented than your stuff- like a homage to those old end of pier postcards:- all hen partys with male strippers). But you look at them and smile, feel good and want to look at more.
        Your work is the R-rated version (suitable for all ages) your characters all belong to the same world. They are unique to you (you see them and you know the ARTIST & I’m using that word correctly). They are all choc-a-block with personality and lashings of likeability (Two things there:- CHOC- a -block: gettit!: likeability: a brand new word!).
        Your cakes are not decorated they are dioramas, they tell a complete short story belonging to a complete world: just like Beryl Cook’s drawings did. And that to me is what qualifies as art. Plus they make you smile, put a bit of wonder in your life and make you want to see some more.
        I know you know I am not being pleasant. I take art very seriously and am one miserable old grouch with no sense of humour at all. So, the only reason I say this is because that is why I think. You are an artist and you could sculpt bas relief works in fondant or plaster and sell them to hang on peoples walls! They are that good. Px

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  4. Robbie, it was great reading about you. I thought I was the one who had attended too many schools, 11 to be precise but you’ve gone further😀 and you’re so talented. Wish I had your patience. All your creations are so beautiful. Wish I was in South Africa to have some☺

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