Smorgasbord Round Weekly Round Up – Constantine, Aubergines and Glass Blowing.

Welcome to the weekly round up and thank you for taking the time to pop in to see what you might have missed.

N.B. It is our wedding anniversary this week and as a special treat my gift to David is to give him my undivided attention for two days!  This means hot meals on the table, romantic walks in the rain and listening attentively to everything that he says. I am not a great multi-tasker so this means that I am going to be offline!  Gasps, horror and where’s the modem!

I have left all the posts there for you just in case you too get withdrawal symptoms and I have asked the guest posters to talk amongst themselves and to you.

I am going to unplug from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday evening. And lets see if I can last that long!

In the meantime…. here is the posts from the week just gone….

This week there was not post from William Price King as we are gearing up for a new series starting on Wednesday… ABBA so get your dancing shoes on. The first post is the background to the four members of this prolific group that defined the 1970s and 1980s. There will be some songs in Swedish but it is ABBA and that is all we care about.

The Ultimate Bucket List interview with Lillian Csernica.

Lillian has two interesting items on her bucket list..learn to blow glass and to go to Okinawa find out her reasons why.

Personal Stuff.. I shared one of the new stories from What’s in a Name Volume Two that you will not have seen here before.

It is estimated that 10 million soldiers from all sides, like my grandfather, did not return from the First World War. This was trebled in the Second World War leading to an estimated total loss of over 40 million young men and women. This number has been increased significantly in all the global conflicts since.

This overwhelming figure does not include the wounded who did return, scarred for life physically and mentally. According to the statistics, despite the best efforts of the veteran assistance organisations, it would seem that we are still not doing all we should for those who have served their countries and returned home.  There are an estimated 10,000 veterans living on the streets in the UK and 50,000 in the US.

There is no reason that I can find to glorify war, but it is important to remember those that served and gave their lives, and those who returned but carry the weight of that service their entire lives. We also need to spare a thought for the millions of families who lost loved ones, are still uncertain of their fate, or who have watched as those who returned, struggle to return to their previous lives.

Meet Walter..

My thanks to Paul Andruss who shared a post on Constantine the Great and his mum Helena.. As with King Arthur, the legend behind this allegedly first Christian Roman Emperor is littered with discrepancies and embellishments. But you can rely on Paul to get down to the nitty gritty and give us the goods… part two next week….. don’t miss it.

Carol Taylor as always produced the goods too when it came to turning the purple and scrumptious aubergine (egg plant) into numerous delicious dishes.. and if that does not tempt you, nothing will.

Another week of amazing posts from talented writers with a wide range of subjects discovered lurking in their archives.

The next time you are in the bath and about to massage your back with a loofah… give some thought as to the process it has been through to give you a good scrub… Carol Taylor reveals all (well about the loofah anyway).

Today the second post from the Archives of Allie Potts. As a teenager Allie was part of a church group that participated in summer camps.. During one of these Allie experienced a painful lesson.

This week John Rieber explores the delights of a Cheeseburger in a can… produced with the Glamping community I think!  Anyway head over to John’s to pick up the story and discover how this allegedly gourmet delight turned out.. especially as the instructions were not in English!

This week Rosie Amber goes through the star ratings and their values on Amazon and Goodreads with the help of Terry Tyler. Also some very useful reviewing tip.

Time for the next post from the archives of author Karen Ingalls. We all need someone who has our back, is by our side and who has our best interests at heart and can be relied on at any time.

In Yecheilyah’s Ysrayl third post she revisits the events in history that cost the lives or changed them completely for many. We are familiar with the names of those who have been featured in documentaries, books and in films, but there were others who also deserve to be remembered.

In her first post Darlene Foster takes us on a tour of an old hotel with a very interesting Western history on the Santa Fe Trail

This week Jane Risdon takes us on a tour of West Green House and Garden, tucked away in a small corner of Hampshire.

Delighted to welcome Adrienne Morris to the series with her posts from the archives. In her first post she uses the equates our writing to the Seven Deadly Sins…

Annika Perry with a post about a visit to the Vitlycke Rock Carvings in Sweden where 4000 year old images adorn the rock faces offering a glimpse into an ancient culture.

The last in the series from the archives from Urban Liaisons. This week an introduction to the book by Marek Krajewski – The End of the World in Breslau.

David V. Pearson with some links to organisations who orchestrate positive change, all from the comfort of your office chair.

Delighted to welcome Diana Wallace Peach to the archive series and today Diana shares her thoughts on random acts of kindness and explores if they can make a difference in this world that is struggling with so many disenfranchised and poverty stricken people. Is there a ripple effect of our efforts closer to home? Read on…

This week Cecilia Kennedy joins us again with her post on Snowshoeing…. the way the weather is going over here, I might need this myself.

Cook From Scratch

Robbie Cheadle shares how to create a wonderful birthday cake.

Smorgasbord Reblog

Relationship expert Debby Gies – D.G. Kaye shares her thoughts on the therapeutic benefits of writing in any form that allows you to release and express your thoughts and emotions.

Two posts for the price of one..  Paul Andruss with the detailed background to the Russian Revolution that resulted in the death of millions.. power struggles between three men changed the face of a nation and history.


I was delighted to be the guest of Allan Hudson this week on South Branch Scribbler, sharing the story of the mischievous hair piece.

Sally’s Book Reviews

This week my review for Words We Carry by D.G. Kaye.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore and Reviews

New on the Shelves

Author Update

Air Your Reviews

The War Poets



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