Smorgasbord Quiz Night – Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference – Questions by Debra Russell. Winner receives TWO #FREE Books

Welcome to week two of the quiz night with questions set by Debra Russell based on her book Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference.  I know that some of you were going to enter the quiz last week but got waylaid by work and life.. and also that you felt that it would be unethical to use online help.. so this week I am going to give you the answers to last week’s quiz and the set of questions for week two.

And as a bonus.. the permission to use Google and Wikipedia as your team members!

And we are also going to give you the links to a couple of sites that will help you answer this week’s questions guilt free.. don’t forget there is a FREE copy of Debra’s book for one winner each week.. and with Christmas coming up it will offer you the opportunity to test family and friends trivia knowledge.

Check out the book in full on:

And to add to the prize fund, the winner can also have the choice of one of these three books of mine in Eversion.. either mobi for Kindle of Epub for other devices.

Check out which one you might like to read:

Here are the questions from last week with the answers.

1. Name the dog that delivered life-saving medicine through a blizzard in Alaska in 1925? Balto
2. Where could you see a likeness of the pharaoh Khafra? Head of the Sphinx
3. In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what material? Toast
4. What dance craze began in Rio de Janeiro in 1958? Bossa Nova
5. Which 18th century actor was a pupil of Dr Samuel Johnson? David Garrick
6. Which Australian actress opts for a lamb roast in an advert rather than a date with Tom Cruise? Naomi Watts
7. Who was the first ruler to introduce a tax on beards? Henry VIII
8. Which bean did the ancient Aztecs and Mayans use as currency? Cocoa
9. Which well-known British boxing manager and promoter revealed in 2014 that he is on his way to becoming a woman? Kellie Maloney
10. What famous American writer worked as an entertainer on a Swedish ocean liner before being drafted to serve in World War II? J. D. Salinger
11. Which famous singer worked at Dunkin Donuts in New York? Madonna
12. Which American city was named after a British prime minister? Pittsburgh
13. What USA city is also a slang name for a pineapple? Chicago
14. Which Australian city has a beach but no coast? Brisbane
15. What are link, single, French and convertible types of? Cuffs

Here are the questions to week Two and the majority of answers will be found on Google or Wikipedia…you can use them to confer with!

How to participate.

Once you have the answers to all the questions you need to send your answers to Debra by email  debgrussell54 (at)

Simply number your answers 1 to 15 and send to Debra in an email.

At the end of the week, Debra will put the names of those who have answered all questions correctly (or those who answer the most correctly) into a hat, and draw one name out.

The winner will be revealed in next week’s quiz night and will then be contacted to find out which Eversion you would prefer or Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference and which one of my books you would like.

 Week 2 Competition Questions

1. The USSR described what American toy in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s as evidence of the decadence of American culture?
2. What is the largest library in the world?
3. What bizarre 1919 Boston accident involving molasses killed 21 people?
4. What took place on London’s Serpentine for the first time on 16 June, 1930?
5. What was 3 for a child, 6 for a woman and 9 for a man?
6. What links Da Vinci, Raphael, Phil Collins and Barack Obama?
7. Which Middle East country filters internet content by law?
8. In what European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillars?
9. Who left his wife Penelope and son Telemachus behind in Ithaca and embarked on a ten-year voyage?
10. Who was poisoned and shot before their body was dumped in the Malaya Nevka River in 1916?
11. What can be saddle, plane or pivotal?
12. Walt Disney in an interview admitted he was scared of what?
13. The valves, gauges and fittings at the surface of an oil or gas well are known by what name?
14. The longest written plan of government is in what country?
15. What does moon mean?

Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference: A Factual and Researched Guide to Knowledge.

About Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference.

A thoroughly researched, contemporary trivia book containing thousands of questions and answers from a wide variety of subjects, a section of tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information and a section of lists on specific information such as capital cities, US Presidents and chemical symbols. The printed version has been formatted so the reader can cover the answers on the opposite side of the page to test their own knowledge.

Here are two early reviews for the books

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is a well written and researched book and a must read for all Trivia Lovers. Full of researched facts that Trivia Lovers can go back to time and time again to ensure their knowledge is relevant and up to date. Love section 2 “Tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information”, this will be a great learning tool to help Trivia Lovers achieve the best they can.Helen Scott – Family Day Care Coordinator

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is must read for all Trivia lovers who thirst for more factual knowledge. All questions and answers have been properly and thoroughly researched and are presented in an easy to read manner. The section titled “Tips for learning” will definitely help readers retain factual information and retrieve that information when needed. Great book Debra.Carleen Augustus -Teacher

Available now:

And Amazon UK:

Amazon author page:

Follow Debra on Goodreads:

About Debra Russell

Debra Russell lives in Queensland, Australia. She gained her Bachelor of Fine Art with honors at Griffith University in Brisbane and founded the Brisbane based arts organisation Impress Printmakers Studio Brisbane. Debra worked for many years as a professional artist and curated a number of high profile art exhibitions.

She has been writing poetry for her own enjoyment for over 20 years. Due to family commitments and her art career she has not been able to pursue her dream of becoming a writer up until the last 2 years. She has just published her first book Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference in September 2017.

In the future Debra has plans to write fiction as well as a book on Urban Myths and their origins.

Debra is interested in a wide variety of topics including the environment, animal welfare, human rights and social justice to name a few.

Connect to Debra on her blog and social media.


Good luck and have fun… look forward announcing the winner next week. Please share the Quiz around and send your answers to Debra by email.. debgrussell54 (at)

9 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Quiz Night – Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference – Questions by Debra Russell. Winner receives TWO #FREE Books

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  2. Oh, this sounds like fun. I had copied the questions for last week with good intentions to play, but as you know Sal, my plate has been full lately. I do hope I can get in maybe this week. ❤ 🙂

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  3. Wow! Debra is a fellow Queenslander. I’m impressed, and also excited. My family enjoys trivia quizzes. I’m not much help unless the questions are about Nursery Rhymes. 🙂 I thought I’d buy a copy of Debra’s book as a Christmas gift, but only the ebook is available in the Australian Amazon store, and the paperback is super expensive to post to Australia from the US. I’m going to email Debra to see if she has copies available here. This book looks like fun. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know about it, Sally.

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