Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Christmas Promotions, ABBA, 1984, Garlic and Onions and a cast of many

Welcome to this week’s round up and the last before we really get the Christmas party started. I have posted about some of the festive promotions but one more to come… you knew there had to be a party at some point didn’t you?  I will post about that next week so that you can get your contributions ready.

This week like much of the UK we have had bitterly cold weather with the first frosts. From my kitchen window I can watch the sparrows that live in our hedge as they twirl on the feeders and gather in a gang on the extra seed I put on the ground. The fat ball feeder attracts the various tit species and also the starlings. Their beaks break up the fat much quicker and being messy eaters crumbs gather on the ground below.. Where they are eagerly awaited by both sparrows and our robins. Who knew washing up could be so entertaining.

It has been a busy week as you will see so better get on with it. Again wonderful contributions from bloggers from their archives and the weekly original contributions from William Price King.. with two posts this week.. ABBA part two and his favourite Christmas music on Friday night. Also Carol Taylor who is a wonder in the kitchen and spends hours putting together our weekly Cook from Scratch.. This week it was Onions and Garlic and their health benefits when included in delicious recipes.

Again this week I must also thank the wonderful bloggers who have contributed their posts from the archives across a wide range of topics. We start to move into the Christmas archives in the next week, but in the New Year I will be starting a new series for archive posts that are older than six months. More about that in the promotion posts already uploaded.

Anyway enough chit chat and on with this week’s posts.

William Price King Meets some Legends.. Part Two of ABBA

Here is their winning performance of Waterloo in 1974

In the new series on the run up to Christmas William shares some of his favourite seasonal music.. He first choice.. Little Drummer By by Pentatonix.

Writer in Residence Paul Andruss

Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor

Smorgasbord Quiz Night.. Still time to enter.


There is still time to enter the Trivia Quiz night on the blog..the closest winner in the draw gets two books.. An ebook of Debra Russell’s Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference and a choice from three of my books.. You can phone a friend (Ms. Google) or ask the audience (Mr. Wikipedia) why not give it a go.. if stuck try asking the children.. they are bound to know!

Sally’s Book Reviews

My review of the first book in the Tudor Trilogy…Owen by Tony Riches

The start of your Christmas promotions for books, blogs and anything else that you have created.

Find out more about the Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Book Fair, New book for Christmas and a welcome for new authors to the blog.

Find out how to send in your posts and music choices for the Christmas post archives.

Posts from Your Archives

Just a quick note on these posts for those who have submitted them to be shared.They will be reformatted for the blog but it will be copyrighted to you. I do take as much care as possible to present in the best way possible.

Please check the posts for comments and respond and share if you would on your own social media. It does help to ensure that this post and others that follow are shared. It will also encourage people to head over and follow your blogs Thanks Sally

Welcome to the next in the posts from Carol Taylor’s archive..This from 2015 is from Carol’s early days of blogging and now she is juggling two…. great at multi-tasking is our Carol. This week some really cute pictures from the GRP.( Gibbon Rehabilitation Project) in Thailand which is an update on an earlier post, a smile from Carol’s son and her mother.. and of course you always get a recipe. If this does not leave you smiling then you need to get out more!

Welcome to the last in the series of posts from the archives of Allie Potts. This post is for all mums and dads out there juggling full time jobs, school pick ups and making Leprechaun outfits for St. Patrick’s Day.. and a tribute to grandmas..

Welcome to the second post in the series from J.Hope Suis. A post from November 2016 on the subject of Thanksgiving which of course is this Thursday. Is there someone missing from your dinner table this Thanksgiving who is out somewhere in the world and that you have become estranged from for some reason?

So pleased to welcome Thom Hickey of The Immortal Jukebox with some of the posts from his archives. This week the story and music of Bill Withers, in particular the track Lean on Me. Thom explores the lyrics and their meaning to all of us who have no need to stand alone when there are people we can lean on to lend a hand.

Delighted to welcome Allan Hudson of South Branch Scribbler to the archive series and to showcase his latest book released in the last week. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and read the story of Seymour Troffmok and the Wasps.

Today begins a series of posts from the archives of author Christoph Fischer who in his research for books has found it difficult at times to discover the truth of events. History is usually written by the victors…. in the days before World War I and II the only source of information was state owned media in print and then in radio. If that is the only truth you are fed then it will colour your observations and also recollections of events.

Thanks for joining me again for another posts from the archives and today I am welcoming Frank Parker with his contributions. In this post Frank shares the history of Strongbow whose great-grandfather was a relative of William the Conqueror.

Today William Spivey joins us with his archive posts. In the first article William talks about Donald Trump who he crossed paths with under very different circumstances long before he became the 45th President of The United States.

The steady beat of drums, the swift march of soldiers, animal-skin clad barbarians, painted faces, colourful shields, standard bearers, gladiator sandals, dancing maidens, priests, soothsayers and elegant senators. We find ourselves in the midst of the Romans and Carthaginians Festival, just forty minutes from where we live. Join Darlene Foster at this spectacular parade.

We are joined today by Micki Peluso with another post from her archives. This one from Thanksgiving Week 2016. Micki explores the origins on the celebration back to the early settlers and the various refinements in following centuries.

Welcome to the third of the archive posts from Annika Perry and this week a look at the compulsion to write everything down, especially in notebooks. Annika shares the obsession of Oliver Sacks (Awakenings amongst many books) and his over 1000 notebooks filled anywhere and at anytime…

We begin a series of posts by educator Norah Colvin who shares her thoughts on our approach to learning as individuals… we have all heard the expressions that ‘ignorance is bliss’ ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you’ but shouldn’t we be the judge of that. The desire to learn and keep learning whatever age you are, is a gift that is not offered to everyone. Are we making the most of that gift?

Time for the second post in the archive series for Marian Beaman. In this post Marian shares her parents commitment to making a difference to others

Welcome to the third post from the archives of Adrienne Morris. This week Adrienne shares an encounter that demonstrates how we are all the same under the skin and that sometimes, the people we might least expect to understand that, are those who have endured hardship and alienation themselves, young though they might be.

Delighted to welcome Kevin Cooper to the series with three posts. In his first post Kevin and his wife Pat took a break from her treatment from breast cancer to explore Bronte country.

Over the last weeks on Friday I have been sharing the fascinating tour of Kyoto in Japan courtesy of Lillian Csernica. This is the fifth and final post

Time to enjoy another post from the archives of D.Wallace Peach where Diana explores the loss of things as we get older, including our identity.. unless of course you are an artist.. in which case…….



This week we dive into the archives of Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes.. and a post from Jaye about a change in her writing process and encounter with new technology


Posts from Your Christmas Archives

Another little bit of Christmas tradition courtesy of Mike of A Bit About Britain.  We have always had Christmas Crackers on the table on the day and I seem to remember that we even took them with us on our times living abroad as a child, just in case they were not available.

It is time for some fondant magic from master baker and confectioner Robbie Cheadle, with a delicious gingerbread themed cake that would make a wonderful addition to the Christmas tea table.

New book for Christmas

This feature is for books that were published after November 1st.  Details are in the promotion posts at the top of the page.

The first author to start the series is Christoph Fischer with his latest book released on November 1st.

Smorgasbord Poetry

V.M. Sang shared a poem that was based on the folklore of Halloween

Book Promotions Author Update

New on the Shelves

Air Your Reviews




Thank you very much for popping in this week, liking and commenting on the posts and it is very much appreciated by me and those who have contributed this week.


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  1. What a wonderful roundup, Sally. So many of my favorite people in one place… I won’t even start dropping names. You are awesome to do so much for us! Drummer Boy is my favorite Pentatonix song. And I’m delighted to have ABBA in my head to balance the Mordor effect. 😉 Hugs.

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