Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore -New Author on the Shelves for Christmas – Sea of Dreams: The Power of Four (Volume 1) by D.A. Henneman

Welcome to the new series of New Author on the Shelves for Christmas.  This feature is for authors who are new to the Cafe and would like to share their books published before November 1st 2017. If you have a new book released since then we can feature that in one of the other Christmas promotions.

I would like to introduce you to D.A. Henneman and her books today beginning with Sea of Dreams: The Power of Four (Volume 1)

About Sea of Dreams.

Strange things are happening to Brooke Fisher that causes her to question her sanity. Her hot coffee freezes, her hair turns green; and that’s just the beginning. Is the handsome man who has walked into her life the evil Shadowman she’s dreamed of, or her heart’s desire? Her conflicting emotions confuse her reality, just as they did during her childhood.

Will Engel feels an instant attraction to the beautiful bookstore clerk he meets while on vacation. As the connection turns into something deeper, he finds that he and Brooke are far from strangers and that their pasts are intertwined in a way that defies all logic. Unsure of his path, and questioning his part in Brooke’s destiny, he struggles to make sense of what is happening.

As the threat of the Shadowman grows stronger, Brooke realizes she must keep the mystical journal, which has found its way to her, away from him at all costs. What she finds in its pages not only confirms her destiny, but outlines a shift in power so great it will change her life, and Will’s…forever.

One of the excellent reviews for the book

A dreamy fantasy… on April 25, 2017

This is a dreamy fantasy very much rooted in the real world. A young diver, Brooke, discovers magical abilities that she never knew she had. She sells a mysterious journal the guy who (quite literally) is the man of her dreams. He’s a magician who doesn’t believe in magic – yet. Together they must learn to control and develop their powers.

It’s enjoyable, with an intriguing, romantic premise with some heat sprinkled here and there. The tension comes in around the fourth chapter, when the two lovers meet, then it really picks up as they begin to unravel the mystery of the blank journal, then again toward the end, when something happens to Will (I won’t spoil it for you!), and you’re made to think Brooke will never figure it out. If you’re into magic and destiny, you might like this.

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Also by D.A. Henneman

About Winds of Change: Power of Four (Volume 2)

Amie Petridis isn’t looking for love when it comes breezing into her life; her job as a full-time pilot leaves little time for dating. But when a charming air marshal walks onto her plane and into her life, magical things start to happen. When Amie receives a tarot card reading from an ancient gypsy during a layover in England, her eyes are opened to a world of possibilities.

U.S. Air Marshal Aleck Eyres has always taken his job seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he hasn’t allowed himself to be tied down. His occupation allows for the freedom to travel and to visit his friends, but the day he helps a captivating pilot with her persistent ex-boyfriend – everything changes. Love finds him quickly and affects him deeply. Will it be enough to overcome the painful secret that has kept him from sharing his heart for so long?

Fate has conjured the winds of change and blown them Amie’s way. These changes will not only affect Amie and Aleck, but also the magical beings in a land called Wisteria. Suddenly Amie’s world is filled with winged creatures and she learns that she is meant to harness the element of Air. As she discovers her power, the gypsy’s warning haunts her. Should she follow her head or her heart? And when she makes the choice, will it be the right one?

A recent review for the book

A fabulous journey on August 5, 2017

Passion, supernatural happenings and mystery are all cleverly woven into this paranormal romance that begins on a flight to London between Federal air marshal Aleck Eyres and classy pilot Amie Petridris.

Amie is about to take a journey that takes her normally ordered life and throw it into chaos along with her new boyfriend, Aleck Eyres, who is gorgeous, witty and charming and is perfectly suited to his “warrior” name. As they become more entangled in the mystery of Wisteria their lives begin to unravel, Amie is held prisoner while Aleck must deal with the Lycans and uncertain enemies to free her.

From the start there is so much going on, I love the way the author drops small hints for us to find as we journey from London to Greece, the other-worldly Wisteria and back to London as small pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

Winds of Change is part two of a four part series. I loved all the mystery, romance and drama and the alternate world of Wisteria that D.A. Henneman creates and I look forward to the journey continuing in Book 3.

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About D.A. Henneman

While it hasn’t always been part of my occupation, writing has always been part of my life. Poetry and song lyrics through teenage angst (no you won’t get to read any of them), short stories in college classes (perhaps you will get to read some of them), and random marketing material during my stint as a flower shop owner. Even with all of that writing in my life, ten chapters of a book stayed buried in my file cabinet until I closed my flower shop and my children were grown. When I went back to school (at an undisclosed age), the pages came out and the plot was re-developed. The timing was finally right for me. The Power of Four series was born and my first book, Sea of Dreams, was drafted in a matter of months.

I believe inspiration is all around us, filling our souls with experiences that can feed an active imagination. That is one thing I have always had – an active imagination. Interactions with family and friends tickle my mind and I find myself jotting ideas on random scraps of paper, napkins, or even the stray fast food bag. Some characters I develop have voices that are louder than others, or have a more interesting story to tell. Some have been pushy enough to cause me to pull to the side of the road to take notes. Zilla was, and continues to be, one of those characters that has no qualms about telling me how she wants her story told. She’s a piece of work!

I’ve had a blast creating the cast of characters in The Power of Four series, and look forward to introducing you to even more in my upcoming novel Playing with Fire. Will and Brooke, and their new friends Aleck and Amie will face more challenges and we will learn more about the passionate woman who is destined to embody the element of fire. Release of book 3 is anticipated in early 2018. ;

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