Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book for Christmas – Life in a Flash by Geoff Le Pard

Just in time for the Christmas rush, is a new Flash Fiction collection from Geoff Le Pard, appropriately entitled.. Life in a Flash.

About Life in a Flash

Life is fast, life is short. In a series of short fiction pieces, most under 500 words, we explore the world, its inhabitants and their trials and tribulations, their ups and downs and sideways shifts, all with humour and decent grammar. You’ll find something to amuse and intrigue here and if, unlikely as it is, one piece isn’t for you, well, turn the page and start again.

One of the early reviews for the collection

I’m a huge fan of flash fiction so was looking forward to reading this. I was not disappointed. The stories and this author’s writing style are fabulous.

Le Pard has a talent for injecting humor into wildly different situations. This book provides readers with lots of laughs. There are a few comical retellings of myths and legends, a couple chuckle-worthy ‘real life’ scenarios, and some random silliness.

I’d be remiss not to mention there are a handful of more serious flashes sprinkled throughout—unexpected but excellent.

Overall, amusing and well-written. An entertaining and fun read.

The book is available here:

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Also by Geoff Le Pard

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About Geoff Le Pard

Geoff Le Pard (not Geoffrey, except to his mother) was born in 1956 and is a lawyer who saw the light. He started writing (creatively) in 2006 following a summer school course. Being a course junkie he had spells at Birkbeck College, twice at Arvon and most recently at Sheffield Hallam where he achieved an MA in Creative Writing. And what did he learn? That they are great fun, you meet wonderful people but the best lessons come from the unexpected places. He has a line of books waiting to be published but it has taken until now to find the courage to go live. He blogs at on anything and everything. His aim is for each novel to be in a different style and genre. Most people have been nice about his writing (though when his brother’s dog peed on the manuscript he was editing, he did wonder) but he knows the skill is in seeking and accepting criticism. His career in the law has helped prepare him.

Connect with Geoff 


I am sure that you join me in wishing Geoff every success with the new book and it would be great if you could share around the usual haunts.. Thank you….

If you have released a new book since November 1st then please get in touch so that I can share in a post


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