Smorgasbord Reblog Christmas Posts from Your Blog – To Reduce Visual Overwhelm as you Deck your Halls by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

At this time of year parcels are flying through our doors, the results of our online shopping sprees.. yes you could flatten them and put them out to be recycled.. but what is the fun in that. Madeline Griffith-Haynie has a much better idea……from her Christmas Archives of 2014.

To Reduce Visual Overwhelm as you Deck your Halls Store in Plain Sight with this clever trick
Decking, decking – still decking!

It’s a good thing I have switched to celebrating Twelfth Night – January 6th (12 more days to get it together than if my deadline were Christmas itself). There is NO WAY I’ll have everything ticked, tied and neatened by December 25 — my hall decking has faced a number of serious slowdowns.

FIRST, I had to quickly move everything up off the floor to puppy-proof for the sudden good fortune of locating my wished-for Christmas puppy.

Then, of course, came the day “off” to go get the little guy – and the day after that to recover from staying up all night puppy-proofing, followed by a car trip!

And now that he’s here, I have to WATCH HIM LIKE A HAWK – this dog can find something verboten to put in his tiny mouth even if I’ve just swept or vacuumed.

The decking of halls has taken a decidedly back seat to puppy patrol. Oh well. If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. This little guy is clearly worth it to me!

Celebrate Boxing Day early . . .


No, NOT the day-after-Christmas holiday celebrated by our English-speaking forefathers across the pond (along with, according to Wikipedia, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and other Commonwealth nations, as well as Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden!)

I’m talking much bigger boxes for our Boxing Day than those used to gather alms.
Inundated by Shipping Boxes?

If you order anything online (and who doesn’t these days?), you probably hurry to break down the packing/shipping boxes to get them OUT of your house and into the recycling bin.


There’s a much better way to handle them – besides getting things out of the way of a puppy (you’re gonna’ love this!)

WRAP THEM! (No I am not kidding)

But first, take down as many decorative tchotchkes as possible to clear the decks for Christmas decor.

Not only does Christmas decorating go so much more smoothly if you start with a relatively clean(ish) slate, it looks a lot better to the eye when there aren’t so many items competing for focus.

Pack the items you normally use to “merchandise” your space in a few of the medium to large-ish boxes that arrive carrying internet purchases.

It’s not too late to do it now, by the way – EVEN if your halls are primarily decked already. Look around to see which non-Christmas items are distracting, and box them up.


NOW wrap those boxes – and tie them up with pretty ribbon and a big bow.

If you have the time, it is EVEN better if it is done in a manner that you can reuse them without rewrapping from year to year.

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Head over to Madelyn’s and see where else this clever holiday fixit can take you:

My thanks to Madelyn for sharing this great idea.. and more.. head over and check it out…


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More useful tips and strategies for surviving the festive season next Thursday..thanks for stopping by and please leave your feedback on Madelyn’s blog.. thanks Sally



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23 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Reblog Christmas Posts from Your Blog – To Reduce Visual Overwhelm as you Deck your Halls by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

  1. What an innovative idea.Years ago I used to take tiny jewelry boxes and other tiny boxes and wrap the them to put in Santa’s sleigh and use as ornaments. Wrapping large boxes has a duel purpose for those children who sneak around(not mine of course ha) and open presents–only to find them empty!!t

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  3. Another great Christmas post. But Madelyn — you are too logical. Christmas is all about the stress getting those last minute gifts purchased and then wrapped. 🙂 However, I like your idea of putting a ribbon and bow on the original box. I use to be (emphasize use to be) anal when it came to Christmas. Everything had to be perfect. It drove me wacko, but I did it for years. Now our tree doesn’t go up before the 15th and we stopped exchanging gifts. BTW good luck with your new puppy. Merry Christmas. HUGS


  4. What a brilliant and totally amusing idea Madelyn.. wrap all our beloved non-Christmas clutter in big gift wrapped boxes then on 13th Day the one after 12th Night you get to have Christmas all over again with the joy of unwrapping exciting and unknown gifts… coz by then you will have forgotten what you have put in which box. A brilliant way to beat the January blues!!!! Have a lovely Christmas and much love from your mate Paul XXX

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