New Series – Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – A chance to promote your blog at a friendly watering hole.

Welcome to the new Saturday morning post where bloggers who have recently followed the blog can introduce themselves.  Each week I will share a small selection of bloggers at random from those I follow.

Basically this is a watering hole for bloggers across all the areas of interest. Watering holes are very useful for meeting like-minded people and also a way to grow a supportive and sharing community.

If you are new to Smorgasbord it would be great if you could introduce yourself in the comments.. a brief intro and then a link to the post that you feel best represents your blogging style.

The idea is to encourage more readers to your posts and an opportunity for us to get to know you better.

The community that kindly supports me is always welcoming, and you will find a great deal of support and encouragement especially for new bloggers.

I look forward to finding out more about you.  Sally

Meet Gloria of We are Holistic.


I never hide my age because it’s the experiences of the last 49 years on planet earth that has made me who I am today. And I am happy with who I am, thank you very much!

My passion for natural medicine began in my teens when my father introduced me to the powers of nettle tea. At the first sign of a spot on my chin, he had the nettles out. It was quite disgusting if I’m honest, but I reckoned he knew what he was doing. And I have to say, I had really clear skin all through my teenage years. He still likes advising me when he sees I have a stubborn spot!

And so I began dabbling with herbs and other plants. I even discovered how to make herbal wine. Some of my brews were quite intoxicating and although certain friends enjoyed a glass or two occasionally, I got the blame for some seriously rough hangovers. I quit the winemaking and decided to study complementary medicine in a more serious manner.

In 2002 I enrolled in a six-week Reflexology course. It was the perfect introduction because it showed me exactly what reflexology was all about and what was involved in becoming a qualified therapist. I studied holistic health for two years at O’Fiaich College in Dundalk. I qualified with Fetac awards in complementary medicine and ITEC diplomas in holistic massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. I received levels one, two and three in reiki and later went on to study my Reiki Masters Degree with Majella Fagan in Green Tara College of Holistic Training.

I set up my own therapy practice and also worked part-time in Farnham Estate Spa in Cavan, which was an interesting experience. I was drawn to teaching after running introductory workshops on aromatherapy and reflexology in my local area.

I completed my teaching qualification in NUI Maynooth and I was very lucky to get a job at O’Fiaich College in Dundalk, teaching various complementary therapies. I enjoyed my five years there and gained many new skills and experiences.

I gave birth to my fourth child at the delightful age of 43 and I moved to Mayo to accommodate my husband’s job. While enjoying being a full-time mother again, I made use of my free time doing an article writing course under the guidance of June Colbert, established writer of books for children and young adults, reawakening my passion for writing.

Between trying to juggle all the balls in my life, I’m busy exploring & learning new things in the world of writing. I’m editing my first book – which ain’t easy! Time management is not my strong point but I’m getting better. I enjoy writing articles on aromatherapy for Atlantís Eíre Holistic & Celtic Spirit Magazine.

Here is one of the recent posts from Gloria – Reducing your stress as Christmas:

Meet award winning author Mackenzie Flohr

Mackenzie Flohr grew up in the heartland of America, chasing leprechauns and rainbows and dreaming of angels. Her parents nurtured a love of fantasy and make-believe by introducing her at a very young age to the artistic and cultural opportunities that the city of Cleveland had to offer.

From the time she could hold a pencil, Mackenzie was already creating pictorial interpretations of classic stories, and by the age of nine, she and a childhood friend were authors and reviewers of their own picture books.

While following her love of adventure, Mackenzie found a second home, the Beck Center for the Arts Children’s and Teen Theater School. It was there that a world of wonder was only a script and a performance away.

Yet it wasn’t until she was on a trip to Indiana, viewing a Lord of the Rings exhibit, that the innermost desire of her heart became clear to her. She wanted to write a fantasy of her own, one that could inspire imagination in others and lead them into a magical world of their own making. She hopes The Rite of Wands will do just that.

Wherever we live and wherever we come from is our individual heartland. Anything is possible and everything can happen. Pure imagination is in all of us—we only need to discover it, and sometimes story telling helps.

BHC Press announced September 21, 2017, they have entered into a five-book publishing agreement with YA author Mackenzie Flohr. The Rite of Abnegation, the second book in The Rite of Wands series, will be released under the agreement with a 2018 publication date and tells the tale of Mierta McKinnon, a young wizard.”

You can find out more about Mackenzie and her book  at her website:

And here is a recent author interview on Mackenzie’s blog:

Meet Sean P. Carlin who is an author and scriptwriter in Hollywood.

A Los Angeles–based scribe of supernatural fiction and “secret histories,” I am the author of the forthcoming novel Escape from Rikers Island, a “Richard Price–meets–Stephen King” thriller about a lone, unarmed police detective forced to team with a group of violent gangbangers—that he put behind bars—when they find themselves under lockdown at New York City’s infamous detention center during a zombie-like outbreak among the inmates. As a screenwriter, I have pitched to production companies all over Hollywood, including Legendary Pictures (of Dark Knight trilogy fame) and Virgin Produced (Limitless), and recently developed an undersea sci-fi thriller in the vein of The Abyss with Grey Matter Productions (producer of the in-development feature Section 6).

The early cinematic delights of Spielberg and Lucas carried me away to worlds that seemed so distant from the streets of the Bronx, conspiring with the four-color fantasies of DC and Marvel (when comic books were still blessedly “cheap entertainment” consigned to the racks of corner candy stores) to instill in me a dreamer’s devotion to the imaginary and otherworldly. At a science-fiction convention I’d attended while still in high school, I came across an unproduced screenplay for a sequel to The Lost Boys—I’d never seen a movie script before, as the Internet was still a few short years away from making them available for free en masse—and spent three long winter months ignoring my schoolwork in favor of rewriting the material to make it suitable for shooting on location in New York with a VHS-C camcorder! The movie never got finished—my first lesson in the pragmatics of filmmaking—but I was hooked: I had inadvertently schooled myself in the rudimentals of screenwriting, igniting a lifelong passion for the discipline.

You will find this post on the pros and cons of writing groups and in particular the scriptwriters group in Hollywood:

I hope that you have enjoyed meeting these bloggers and look forward to your introduction in the comments and popping over to read the post you have chosen.

If you are a regular visitor please still leave your blog link to your latest post so that everyone can head over and read and share…

Take care and have a good week – Sally

71 thoughts on “New Series – Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – A chance to promote your blog at a friendly watering hole.

  1. Congratulations on your 5 book deal MacKenzie it’s the stuff dreams are made of isn’t it? An interesting read and I look forward to reading more..Great idea Sally…Happy New year everyone xxx

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  2. Sally, I love the name of your blog and tag line. Smorgasbord certainly hits the nail on the head. You feature so many different topics and styles of blogs. You have so many great ideas all the time on how to meet new bloggers. I do constantly read through the posts that come through my reader. Thank you for doing this for us and for your consideration.
    Here is my link

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  4. Hi, unlike your excellent idea of having a blog with wide appeal, I only blog on Greek based topics. However, this doesn’t stop me reading and enjoying a wide range of blogs. hence your blog is a gold mine for me. Best wishes for 2018. x

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  5. Brilliant idea, Sally. Here’s to a great year ahead. I’m planning a fortnightly series of ‘A Date With …’ which will feature indie authors whose work I have enjoyed. The first two are already in the works. And, apart from the authors themselves, you and your followers are the first to hear about it.

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  6. Great idea, Sally. I hope Lynn Otty is reading and will leave her blog details in the comments.
    My new (non-dementia related) blog will be up and running within a day or two – finally. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live though there won’t be much to read straight away.

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  8. Hi Sally,
    Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers.
    Do you need help with your blog? At my blog, you will find blogging tips, SEO Tips, social media tips, productivity tips and technology tips for bloggers, authors, and marketers. I also host Meet and Greets. I blog at
    Happy New Year!


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  11. Sally,

    Thank you so kindly for the inclusion in your Saturday meet-and-greet! I apologize for the delayed response: I’ve been traveling for the holidays, and have only recently returned to my desk.

    To briefly elaborate on the bio above, I am a New York–bred, Los Angeles–based screenwriter-turned-novelist who specializes in dark/urban fantasy. In addition, I blog regularly about storytelling craft (which includes everything from why loglines are an essential writing skill to interviews with working screenwriters), cultural matters (on topics ranging from our troubling obsession with superheroes to the fluid definition of authorship), as well as the occasional personal anecdote (rites of passage like turning forty and going home for the holidays). My wife once suggested I change the blog’s tagline from “Writer of Things That Go Bump in the Night” to “Highly Academic Discussions about Really Dumb Sh!t,” which is probably an astutely accurate — if brutally frank — assessment of the site’s content!

    I welcome comments and respond to all who take the time to leave one. I’ve been blogging since 2014, and have come to cherish my WordPress community for the camaraderie and feedback it offers. Please stop by to say hi! Looking forward to getting to know more new friends through Sally’s meet-and-greet series!


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  12. Hey!
    I really appreciate your effort for this platform to connect.

    Every student is entangled in this vicious circle of exams and results. But from the positive perspective, dealing with failures really brings out a person carved from you, which you yourself were not aware, existed.

    That’s a brief of what my post is about. Do check it out and all your views, comments and discussion are welcomed.
    Here’s the link.

    Let’s connect 🙂

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