Smorgasbord Author Promotion 2018 – If you are in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore.

I think most of you are now familiar with the virtual Cafe and Bookstore that has been in place since the middle of  2016.  I have recently revamped the bookstore and removed authors that have not been in touch for the last year. They are in an archive directory and can be reactivated if the author wishes to go back on the shelves.

The authors in the bookstore are featured with up to seven of their book covers with a link to Amazon to buy the books and their websites for contact. I have also added a review to each author, and I will be working on completing that task.

In 2018 I will continue to post a Cafe and Bookstore Update twice a week featuring the authors who are in the bookstore with their latest release and a review of their previous books… or the most recent review for their last release.

With five authors per update this also results in extra coverage as I do ask the authors to share on their own networks.. with five authors across social media this drives more traffic to the post benefiting all the authors.

This brings me to a power that I sadly do not have……..well I do, but only after half a bottle of excellent red wine and if you cross my palm with silver.


I spend considerable time scouring the internet and Amazon checking on the authors in the bookstore and their latest releases and most recent reviews; because unfortunately my crystal ball only tells me about tall dark strangers and long trips across oceans!

If you are in the bookstore....and have a new release coming out in the next month then email me on so that I can schedule into an update.

I just need the link to Amazon and your website.

Also check your Amazon listing and if your book has received a fabulous review in the last six weeks then email me on with the link to the book so that I can showcase it in one of the updates.



Don’t forget… I won’t see you in my crystal ball so please email me with your news so we can talk about how best to promote you and your work.


22 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Author Promotion 2018 – If you are in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore.

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  4. Way to rock off the New Year Sal! I hope to have a new review or two to offer up here soon. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing my review of your What’s In a Name? this weekend on my Sunday Book Review. ❤ xxxx


  5. Thank you, Sally, for your support. I plan to have two books out in January, fingers crossed! A children’s book and the sequel to Mariah. Have a lot of work yet to do but will do my best and let you know when they are up and running. ❤️

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  8. You’re the best! I’m finishing my 15th book in a few months…I’ll communicate about that as it gets closer. Sorry I occasionally miss a post from you because I truly enjoy them…
    I’m revising “Mama’s Madness” – it’s not a biggie! But I don’t partiicularly like the present cover, so I’m doing some slight re-writes and putting a new cover on. The problem might be I’ll lose all my reviews with a new ISBN – the bad reviews, I don’t mind losing (tee hee) but I do have quite a few 5-Stars I’d like to keep… I’m going to see if there’s a way to keep them since the story does not change significantly. The fact is, I didn’t launch very well in the beginning. Perhaps on this one I’ll
    do better.
    Many hugs to you, and again thanks for all the support you give to us would-be best selling authors (one more tee-hee!). ♥
    Billy Ray

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