New Series – Sally’s Drive Time Play List – Music to get the Weekend Started.

As you can see I have been driving for rather a long time. If I am alone in the car with miles in front of me, I always have music as my companion. it used to be tapes, then CDs and now I just plug in my iPod and press play. The style of music will depend on density of traffic and my mood, but usually it is something with a beat.

I have bought thousands of albums and singles over the last 55 years, with my first purchase being Richard Chamberlain Sings (I had a crush on Dr. Kildare) with such classics! as Hi-Lilli, Hi – Lo, All I Have To Do Is Dream and Love Me Tender. I would listen to the tracks for hours swooning at the sound of his smooth velvety voice.  I was ten and deluded. But look at that face!!!!

Anyway…. this first purchase led to shelves of vinyl, then cassettes before being replaced with CD’s. I still have most of those tucked away and my all time favourites were digitised to add to my iPod playlists.

I thought that each Friday I would share a couple of piece of music with you, with buy links should you like to explore the artist’s work further.

I would love for you to share a piece of music in the comments that you love to drive to.. rock, classical, country… your choice. If you can find a link for it on Youtube that would be great, then others can pop over to listen too.

My first track is from Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising. The only problem with this track and driving is it makes me want to tap my feet in time to the music!

You can buy the album here:

My second track is a little more current. I have all the albums for classical violinist David Garrett. Some of his albums are classic rock interpretations and it is difficult to pick just one favourite from the tracks.  This from his 2017 album Rock Revolution Born in the USA written by Bruce Springsteen

You can buy here:

Thanks for dropping in and don’t forget to leave your favourite Drive Time track in the comments.. Drive Safely.. Sally


39 thoughts on “New Series – Sally’s Drive Time Play List – Music to get the Weekend Started.

  1. Great choices Sal! And I love the car photo lol. Go figure we both had a crush on Dr. Kildare! And if that wasn’t enough, I went through many a KLeenex watching The Thornbirds where he played Father Ralph. Did you watch that mini series? Ok, like many here, I have way too many favs but today I’ll share a link to one of my all time favs from the late 70s Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

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  4. I’ve got to jump right in and contribute to this fun blog. I’m always been a fan of Paul Simon and one I use to blast away on my drive to work was “Diamond on the Soles of Her Shoes”
    Thanks, Sally.

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  5. I was madly in love with Dr. Kildare! Sigh. I had no idea he recorded an album. No wonder you played it to death. I would have, too. When I was in high school and college, the top performers played at college campuses. Like, in the gym. Really. So, instead of spending a gazillion dollars to go to a concert, we had that at a college campus. Chicago, Joan Baez, The Isley Brothers. Long list. Oh, I love music. And, I owe you a Wedding Dancer post! 😀

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