Fallen Angel

The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction contests came to an end in December and the last challenge was daunting.. with several steps towards a final 599 word story. Head over to Diana Wallace Peach to see how it should be done.. a mesmerising series of flash fiction. Fallen Angel wow.

Myths of the Mirror

Artwork by Megara Tegal

The Carrot Ranch flash fiction contests came to an end in December, and I’m delighted to share my final entry. This last challenge involved 5 steps! Don’t feel you have to read them all, but… it’s a good example of how different 1st drafts (step 1) are from final drafts (step 5). You can see how crappy my first drafts are. Gak!

Challenge #8: 

In 5 steps, write about a hero’s transformation after facing a crisis. Each step is its own flash fiction, but it is the evolution of a single story.

The Rules

Step One: In step one free-write for 5 minutes. Stop even if it’s incomplete. No Editing! 

Step Two: Edit your free-write into a 99-word story.

Step Three: Edit your 99-word story into a 59-word story.

Step Four: Edit your 59-word story into a 9-word story.

Step Five: Transform it into a…

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17 thoughts on “Fallen Angel

  1. This is a great post from Diana, not only for the 3 final tales and the elevator pitch one liner, but as a valuable object lesson for all of us guys who are learning our trade…. learning at the feet of masters.

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