The Return of Smorgasbord Open House – Interviews for all writers and other creative artists.

The Open House series ran from January 2016 for four months and was one of the most popular of the interview series.  I thought that we might revisit the theme for 2018.

This series will be joined in the next few weeks by an additional author interview which will be in audio and more details on that shortly.

Would you like to be interviewed?

It is open to writers across blogging, books, poetry as well as artists, musicians and photographers.

It is an opportunity to showcase your work from blog posts to sunsets on Smorgasbord and my social media platforms.

I also want it to showcase the person you are and discover more about what makes them tick, their inspirations and also some fun facts.

I have decided to retain the title of the series as Smorgasbord Open House. If you were interviewed two years ago that is not a problem as long as you pick a different set of questions to last time.

All that you have to do is provide me with your Amazon, Goodreads, blog and social media links (just the main ones such as Facebook, Twitter and one other) so that I can do my own promotion of your work (long links please) .

Then pick four questions. One from each of the groups below. Finally a paragraph on your work in progress or next project.

This should mix things up a bit since it is unlikely that all the guests will choose the same questions.

Then you need to email me on with your links and the answers to the four questions. I would remind everyone that this is your showcase; so one sentence answers are not allowed!! Please answer fully and as entertainingly as possible.  I would suggest between 300 to 500 words per question.

Please send the file in a Word doc with attached images.

The aim is to find out more about you as a person as well as a writer, musician or artist and to encourage readers to follow you on your various platforms and to buy your work.

If you wish to include illustrations then please make sure they are your own copyright and attach separately to the email and I will insert when I post.

What I ask of the interviewees.

  1. That you respond to comments that have been left by the readers (you can click to be notified of responses).
  2. That you share the post on your own blog and social media.
  3. If you sign up for my blog to enable you to do that – then do not click to receive daily or weekly notifications of my posts as I blog a great deal and it will drive you mad.  If you would like to read the posts without the notifications… I do a roundup that goes out every Sunday Afternoon.

Please include the question you have selected followed by your answer.

Group One

  1. Where were you born and can you tell us something about the history of your place of birth or any interesting historical fact.
  2. If you could be anyone in history who would it be and why?
  3. Given a choice of centuries to live in which would it be and why?
  4. Who would you like to meet from the past who you would like to have a conversation with. What would you tell them about their behaviour that you admired or disapproved of?
  5. If you have looked into your family history have your found any surprises that you can talk about!
  6. Is there a person in history who you feel was unfairly represented and why?
  7. If your country of birth is not the country you now live in, tell us about it and what you miss most.
  8. If you could live in any country in the world or continent where would it be and why?
  9. Tell us about your chosen genre of books that you write and why?
  10. What genre do you read and your favourite authors?

Group Two.

  1. Which book in your opinion is the best you have ever read and why?
  2. If you could be a character in any book you have read.. Who would it be and why?
  3. What adventures have you had publishing your work?
  4. Which author would you have to dinner, why and what questions would you ask them?
  5. Tell us about your blog and your main features. With a link to what you consider best sums you up as a blogger.
  6. If you are a poet please tell us about others who have inspired you to write and give an example of their work.
  7. What style of art attracts you the most and why? Who is your favourite artist?
  8. Is there an artistic talent, that if you had the time, you would like to train for?
  9. Do you play sports and if so why do you enjoy?
  10. Which is your favourite leisure pastime?
  11. What is your favourite all time television series?

Group Three

  1. What is your all time favourite film and give a review with marks out of 10.
  2. Who is the best actor or actress you have ever seen on television of film and tell us why.
  3. If you are an author and one of your books was selected to be made into a film; who would you like to play your main character and why?
  4. What kind of music do you listen to and who are your favourite musicians?
  5. If you are a professional musician whose work most inspired you and is there a link on Youtube to your work that we can share.
  6. Do you have a secret talent that you show off at parties and if so any stories to tell us?
  7. Do you prefer television, film or theatre?
  8. What do you believe is the most important event to have affected our lives in the last 100 years?
  9. In your lifetime what event or invention has most impacted your own life or work?
  10. Is there any invention that is a major part of our lives that you wish had not been invented?
  11. What do think will be the next big development in the publishing industry?

Group Four

  1. If you cook do you have a signature dish that everyone loves to eat? Can we have the recipe?
  2. Would you ever consider entering a challenge show such as Masterchef or Mastermind etc? Give the show and the reasons why you would like to compete.
  3. Which four famous guests would you ask to a dinner party and why?
  4. What are the top five experiences or activities that you feel that everyone should complete in their lifetime?
  5. What is the one big adventure that you would like to experience?
  6. What is your favourite colour and why?
  7. Do you have a favourite quote? What does it means to you as an individual?

Very Important

  1. Tell us about your work in progress, plans for your blog in the next year any special events that are coming up that are very special to you.
  2. Please let me know what your favourite piece of music is so that I can include in the interview if possible.

What I will do.

I will source your books or other work and feature along with a most recent review plus the selling links.

I will share across my social media once the post is live and then again later in the day.


  1. Send me your links for blog, website, Amazon or other sales websites and social media (long links)
  2. Your answers in a word document please attached to the email.
  3. Pick one question from each of the four groups and answer in full.
  4. Attach any images to your email separately
  5. Tell us about your next project.
  6. Let me know what your favourite piece of music is.
  7. Any questions please let me know if not send your information and answers to

Look forward to hearing from you as always and please feel free to spread the word.



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  6. How fun is this? Already picked my 4 questions. I’ll be working on them throughout the week while dancing in between doctor appointments. 🙂 And yes, do tell about the audio interviews!!! ❤ xxxxxxxxxxx You rock Sal! 🙂

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