Sally’s Drive Time Playlist – Music to get the Weekend Started Peter Sarstedt and #Nashville

Music has always been a vital element of my well-being and I often state that in my opinion music is another food group. I have a number of different playlists on my iPod for every mood and activity from walking on my treadmill, driving short and long distances and just when I need a shot of energy or some restorative downtime.

My parents were born in 1916 and 1917 so by the time I arrived as a late baby; they were in their late 30’s. They loved ballroom dancing and so the music of the 60’s and 70’s which was my era, was alien to them. My father being a naval man found the long hair of both males and females an offence under the uniform code and was frustrated at his inability to often tell the difference in the sexes from behind! We were under strict regulations when it came to our hair length and attire and I am afraid was just a little bit insubordinate! At 16, I nearly gave my father a heart attack by coming home with a platinum blonde, Marilyn Munroe hair do. (Grounded for a month)

However, I was allowed to bop around to Top of the Pops and Juke Box Jury, but I was restricted to a small area out of sight where I would lose myself, age 10 in the hits of the day.

I played guitar a little and wrote some songs full of angst as a teenager. I have sung quite a bit in private and also in public over the years – I love country and will sometimes be coaxed into a little jamming.

55 years later and I have as much music on my computer as books on my shelves as I am still equally passionate about both. Whilst the older tracks bring back memories of places, people and events, modern music brings back life to aging bones, puts zing in over stretched cartilage and produces pain killing brain chemicals that make you forget the years.

I thought that each Friday I would share a couple of piece of music with you, with buy links should you like to explore the artist’s work further.

This week some of the more reflective pieces from my downtime playlist.

I would love for you to share a piece of music in the comments that you love to drive to.. rock, classical, country… your choice. If you can find a link for it on Youtube that would be great, then others can pop over to listen too.

Where Do You Go To My Lovely – Peter Sarstedt – 1969.

This song was one of the most played on my record player when I was 16. Despite my love of the rock bands, the lyrics captured my imagination and even all these years later I still love listening to Peter Sarstedt.

Peter Sarstedt was born in 1941 in India where his father was a civil servant. The family returned to the UK in 1954 and two of Peter’s brothers, Eden Kane and Robin Sarstedt also became musicians. Most of his music was derived from traditional folk music and Where Do You Go to My Lovely topped the charts in 1969 and was followed by several successful albums and singles.  Peter toured up until 7 years ago when he retired due to failing health. He sadly died in January 2017 at age 75. But for many of us who were teenagers that year.. he will forever live on with this song.

You can buy his music here:

and Amazon UK:

Now for one of my current music choices that is a permanent fixture on my playlist.

I am a huge fan of the television series Nashville and always buy the albums when they come available. This song All of Me by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio is one of my favourites.

You can buy the Nashville cast albums here:

and Amazon UK:

Find out more about Nashville the series:

The cast are touring in the UK in 2018:

Thanks for joining me today for some of my favourite music and looking forward to seeing your choices in the comments… Keep dancing. Thanks Sally






23 thoughts on “Sally’s Drive Time Playlist – Music to get the Weekend Started Peter Sarstedt and #Nashville

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  3. Great choices Sal. No surprise we like the same music! That first song, I haven’t heard for eons and used to love that song when I was a kid. And Nashville, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Maybe one day when there’s a new president, we should meet in Nashville for some good old country music. 🙂 xxx

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