Life Scripts, Bipolar & Childfree

The link to this post was left by Barb in the Meet and Greet today, and she looks at the self-care that is needed when you have been diagnosed as Bipolar, and how it influences many life decisions. Very upbeat and down to earth. Well worth reading. #recommended..

Bipolar Barb

Daily Prompt: Funnel via The Daily Post

NOTE: This is a pre-written piece in which I was able to include today’s prompt.

8676002030_6576f87af0My parents were married and had me by the time they were 23. I thought this was a life script I had to follow. So when I was 24, I felt behind schedule, and married the bass player in my band who I’d been dating for a few months and with whom I moved in almost immediately (pre-diagnosis). My parents didn’t like him and didn’t approve of the marriage, so we were married in City Hall with 2 friends as witnesses.

The marriage lasted about 3 years. Although he was supportive when I was diagnosed, our relationship was volatile, mainly because he couldn’t/wouldn’t get a job. He half-heartedly looked, but never got interviews.

He went back to school for one course (he had about a year left to…

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3 thoughts on “Life Scripts, Bipolar & Childfree

  1. What an interesting writer she is and I love the term “childfree,” instead of “childless.” I don’t think we have to follow a script, but my faith tells me that there IS a wonderful plan and it’s a joy to discover it!


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