Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – Paying it Forward by Karen Ingalls.

Welcome to the second of archive posts from author Karen Ingalls. A young boy lost his fight with cancer but his legacy is a chain of events prompted by one random act of kindness.

PAYING IT FORWARD by Karen Ingalls.

“God needed me more” were the last words spoken by a boy of 9 years old, which he said to his father shortly before he passed away On November 27, 2012, he lost his 2-year battle with cancer. That young man was Jayden Lamb, whose short life has had a profound effect on people around the world. The parents found that reaching out to people helped them cope with their loss. So, they paid for the order given by the car behind them at the fast food restaurant. They wanted to “pay it forward.” Their kind gesture was repeated again and again by the cars in line; and like an uncontrolled wildfire, acts of kindness spread. These actions reflected the true nature of Jayden.

I direct you to the following links to learn more about this remarkable young man and his family:

Perhaps God needed him more, but we humans need his legacy of love and kindness.

Last week I shared my new year’s resolution of “At least once each day I will be a bright spot by giving someone a compliment.”

In the Bible, it says “As we sow so shall we reap.” Let’s be generous, polite, helpful, and minister to all. Many people need to be hugged. Pay it forward with those in your home, your neighbors, and spread your kindness to strangers.

Even animals need for us to pay it forward.

©Karen Ingalls

My thanks to Karen for sharing another inspirational post that shows the power of random acts of kindness.

About Karen Ingalls

I might be a retired RN, but I am an active and enthusiastic writer of non-fiction and fiction. It took a few years before I was willing to show that deeper part of myself. I love to get lost in the world of my novels and let the creative juices flow. I have written several articles for medical and nursing journals. I enjoy researching and discovering new information.

I enjoy writing for my two blogs ( and The first one is about health/wellness, relationships, spirituality, and cancer. My second blog is for authors and avid readers who wish to be interviewed, do a guest blog, and be promoted. I have “met” so many interesting and enchanting people, who have done guest posts for me; or those around the world who follow my blogs and leave comments.

I was thrilled and honored to be recognized as a runner-up at the Midwest Book Awards and then receiving first place in the category of “women’s health” at the National Indie Excellence Awards. The greatest reward is when a reader shares how my book(s) inspired them, taught them something, or brought a deeper awareness about life.

One of the many excellent reviews for Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir on Goodreads

Sep 08, 2017 A.M. Manay rated it Five Stars.

This memoir focused on the author’s battle with cancer really touched me. I appreciated her honesty about the fear that accompanies a life-threatening health problem. Her work to balance both western medicine and alternative therapies was also a wonderful thing for her to share. Her words about the spiritual component of her battle were most encouraging. It was nice to read about someone who is strong in her faith as well as open-minded about eastern spiritual practices. I’ve had my own health scares, and I identified a lot with her story. The writing was also of excellent quality. Overall, I was quite impressed.

Read all the reviews and and buy the book:

and on Amazon UK:


My first novel, Novy’s Son is about one man’s search for his father’s love and acceptance. It is based on my father and those men I counseled when I was a nurse therapist.

Davida is my second novel which is a fictionalized biography about the love affair between Augustus Saint-Gaudens and his model. He was the premier sculptor from 1880 through the early 1900’s. These two people just happen to be my great-grandparents.

A recent review for Davida.

Lots of care to detail  on November 7, 2017

Davida is the story of a young girl coming to America from Sweden in the late 1800’s. She and her mother worked at an inn until Davida is offered the chance to model for the artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Augustus and Davida fall in love and embark on a long relationship. They have an illegitimate son.

The story is told in a touching and romantic manner, albeit tragic. I really like history and appreciate the amount of work that goes into research and understanding the customs and nuances of another time period. This is well-done in this novel with lots of care to detail.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And on Amazon UK:

Read more reviews and follow Karen Ingalls on Goodreads:

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Thank you for dropping in today and Karen will be with us at the same time for the next two weeks.


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  2. Hi Karen, and thanks for sharing this inspiring piece. I have your book, “Outshine’ on my tbr list. As you know I’m having some medicals problems bbut will get to it as soon as possible. Nice seeing you here. 🙂

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