Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – Watering Hole for Bloggers with featured guests.

Welcome to the Saturday morning post where bloggers who have recently followed the blog can introduce themselves.  Each week I will share a small selection of bloggers at random.

Basically this is a watering hole for bloggers across all the areas of interest. Watering holes are very useful for meeting like-minded people and also a way to grow a supportive and sharing community.

If you are NEW to smorgasbord it would be great if you could introduce yourself in the comments.. a brief intro and then a link to the post that you feel best represents your blogging style.

If you are a REGULAR visitor to the blog then please do leave a link to your latest post too, so that we can visit and share.

The idea is to encourage more readers to your posts and an opportunity for us to get to know you better.

The community that kindly supports me is always welcoming, and you will find a great deal of support and encouragement especially for new bloggers.

I look forward to finding out more about you.  Sally

The first blogger today that I would like to introduce you to is Lynn Otty who recently released her debut short story collection Having a Ball & other stories. (click the image to find out more).

About Lynn Otty

Lynn is a writer of poetry and short stories who, although born and raised running wild on the Canadian prairies, has now spent over half her life living in southwest Scotland. She is married to a Scot and has been instrumental in raising three “Doonhamers”. Accused by some of being a dreamer, she enjoys observing people and places. She writes about life and nature, drawing her inspiration from the country where she grew up, walks in the country and the magic and wonder of foreign travel. First first venture into the world of publishing was when she produced a handmade book of her poetry called Window Dreaming. Having a Ball & other stories is her debut collection of short stories.

Here is an extract from one of Lynn’s recent posts

So it is almost time to take down the Christmas decorations and store them for another year. I was going to write about that today – until I read a blog about how the elephant almost became a whale. It was dense read and very interesting too, but it threw up a word that took me right back to time I spent in India not so many years ago.

The word was Gondwana, the name of a southern continent back in the age of the dinosaurs. It was also the name of an express train that I spent an overnight on as we rumbled across the great expanse of plains from Jabalpur to Delhi.

This is the poem that Lynn wrote about the experience :

Now to meet a blogger who shares her philosophy for “Clean, healthy recipes with nutrition at the roots of each one” and it is a philosophy that I totally agree with..

Meet Rachel Alexandra

About Rachel

Welcome to Roots! I’m Rachel Alexandra and I’m so glad you found my blog. I hope you find it helpful and enjoy the recipes. New posts will be coming soon as I continue to get the site up and running.

In addition to cooking and baking, I enjoy training my horse Elliott and dog Macy, playing cello, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

Here is an extract from one of Rachel’s recent posts.

Allergic Living: Egg Substitutes.

Whenever I tell someone I’m allergic to eggs, one of the first responses I tend to get is asking how I survive without this or that baked good. Well, the truth is I don’t because it’s extremely easy to bake without eggs. There are numerous options out there, but I’m going to share the three that I have used personally. So whether you’re allergic to eggs, vegan, or simply ran out, the following substitutions work just as well as any conventional chicken egg.


Find out the three recommended egg substitutes in baking and you may be surprised by one of them.. flax seeds:

The next blogger is a children’s author who shares a new story each day on his blog. Gregg Savage is the author of a collection of ten of his daily children’s tales, First Everything, Now This, and you can buy by clicking on the image.

Meet Gregg Savage

My name is Gregg Savage and I live in Townsville, Australia. At night, when my day job is done, the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I write and publish a tale for everyone to enjoy.

They are finished only minutes before being shared with you. There are no ‘backup’ stories, with the stories being inspired by something I have thought about or experienced that day. Each story combines humour, philosophy and imagination and are designed to entertain while encouraging acceptance and providing a fresh perspective to children on their daily experiences.

You can find out when a new tale is published by following my pages on Facebook, Twitter and at my website on WordPress. You can also drop me a line and say hi using the form below.

If you would like a more thorough version of my own story, please read my “Meet the Author” entry over to Chris the Reading Ape’s Blog:

Above all, I hope you enjoy the tales.

Here is an excerpt from one of Gregg’s stories this week.

The Tale of the House Above the Clouds.

Once upon a time, above a sea of clouds, the flat surface of a large rock stood in solitude. This alone was a sight to behold, and was made even more memorable due to the single wooden house that was built at its summit. The house was built so that it took up every inch of the flat surface of the rock and it had been many years since any supplies were brought up to help maintain the old windows and the creaky doors. This meant plenty of cold winter nights and nights of interrupted sleep for the residents of the house, Emily Hunter and her parents, Charles and Fiona.

Emily’s parents had decided to move their house to the highest point they could think of before Emily was born and, despite the hardships of their chosen life, they had been happy with their decision ever since. That was, until the day a man in a business suit named Mr Dennington made his way up to the top of the rock using a carriage and a series of complicated pulley systems and knocked on their front door.

Read the rest of the story:

I hope you have enjoyed meeting these bloggers and look forward to seeing your link to your most recent post in the comments.. whether you are a new visitor or a regular reader you are very welcome. Thanks Sally


47 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – Watering Hole for Bloggers with featured guests.


    Hello!! This is my second time posting a link to my blog. I did not introduce my self last time and consider myself new to the Watering Hole. I am Eve. I provided a link to my latest blog and you will find it encompasses my personality. Just a girl living with mental illness, in recovery from alcohol searching for the beautiful side of herself and life. My blog presents a variety of element’s. I’ve have multiple series, 3 to be exact, that highlight my day, answer questions about my self and promote other bloggers. Check out my blog and follow if you find yourself somewhere in my post. It would be wonderful to have you!!

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  2. It is so nice to meet the new bloggers. Thank you, Sally. I would like to invite y’all to stop at my place. My name is John Howell and I write fiction. I also do seven blogs a week. Don’t worry, none of my posts are serious and won’t be mistaken for art. I publish a Top Ten Things Not to Do list, prompts, a tour of my neighborhood, and discussions with my dogs. On Fridays, I post a Haiku which bears a passing resemblance to the classic poem. It has become known as a JohnKu. So, come visit but please take off your shoes. I live at the beach and the sand makes Mary Janes and Oxfords look miserable. Here is the link. I think there are some margaritas left. Help yourself and have a look around.

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  5. Hi, Sally and members. Micki Peluso introduced me to this site, and I thought it might be a place where I might fit in. I have a blog ( and have been active in blogging:
    book trailers for myself and other authors, book reviews, articles on writing, and occasionally other things.If you wish to guest blog on my site, please let me know.

    I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your work.

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