Sally’s Drive Time Playlist – #Music to get the weekend started with Christina Aquilera and Katie Melua

Music has always been a vital element of my well-being and I often state that in my opinion music is another food group. I have a number of different playlists on my iPod for every mood and activity from walking on my treadmill, driving short and long distances and just when I need a shot of energy or some restorative downtime.

I played guitar a little and wrote some songs full of angst as a teenager. I have sung quite a bit in private and also in public over the years – I love country and will sometimes be coaxed into a little jamming.

55 years later and I have as much music on my computer as books on my shelves as I am still equally passionate about both. Whilst the older tracks bring back memories of places, people and events, modern music brings back life to aging bones, puts zing in over stretched cartilage and produces pain killing brain chemicals that make you forget the years.

During the years I was involved in radio broadcasting and presenting my own shows, I was able to explore various styles of music. It also brought me up to date with new artists just appearing in the charts that I might have missed otherwise. That is how Katie Melua came to my attention with the track I have chosen today.

Music is a very personal pleasure and I am sure if you were to list your own favourites you will find they fall into natural playlists to suit your every mood.  Some bring back memories of younger days, important events in our lives, falling in love and even when our hearts are broken. Interesting research is showing that one of the last memories to be lost in dementia patients is their music and it is also being used in therapy to slow the progression of the disease. Not only to aid memory recall but to lift depression and alleviate anxiety:

Each Friday I share a couple of pieces of my favourite music with you, with buy links should you like to explore the artist’s work further.

My first choice is a song that I would play on radio at every opportunity and almost became my signature track for the shows. Christina Aquilera with Candyman.. such a catchy tune for driving and also exercising. It is hard to believe that Christina is now 37 as I always think of her a ‘Pop Princess’ but she has won several Grammy Awards and sold over 40 million albums and 33 million singles worldwide.

Courtesy of Christina Aquilera Youtube Channel

For news and performances check out :
The next song is a track that will bring back all those memories of being in love for the first time. Katie Melua has such clear and stripped back vocals that bringing the emotions to the surface.
Originally from Georgia in the former Soviet Union, Katie Melua moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 8 and then to England. The Closest Thing to Crazy was the lead single from Katie’s first album Call of the Search in 2003.  One of my other favourite tracks is Nine Million Bicycles from her 2005 Piece by Piece album.

Courtesy of official Youtube Channel Katie Melua  
Buy Katie Melua Music
Thanks for joining me today for some of my favourite music and looking forward to seeing your choices in the comments… Keep dancing. Thanks Sally
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