Writing Links 1/22/18

Traci Kenworth has gone to a lot of effort to compile a massive list of blog links with a summary to share with everyone. A great way to find new bloggers and to catch posts of your favourites you might have missed…Such as the new Gardening Column by Paul Andruss.. thanks Traci.

Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author

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Writing Links 1/22/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. http://legendsofwindemere.com/2018/01/13/buses-books-bedlam-and-bloodsuckers/ “I’ll admit I’m still nervous since this is going to be a fantasy vampire adventure.  That middle part is tough because everyone has their own thoughts on what a vampire should and should not be.” True, the vampire story is a tough one but then, there’s always room for a new twist. 
  2. https://fantasyhandbook.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/the-religion-of-fantasy-and-the-fantasy-of-religion/ “Yes, I’ll admit it, I was the guy in the D&D group who was not just willing to play the cleric, but volunteered for the job. I loved the concept, which was basically this: What if religion actually, y’know… worked? What if the gods weren’t just real but actually interacted with you and granted you magical powers? How do you not play that character?” Do you create religions in your stories? I do. I think religion is an important part of every culture, whatever religion that may…

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