More fun and wisdom from the pre-school classroom of Jennie Fitzkee. Everyone had cabin fever with the wintery weather.. so time for a good book and a hug..

A Teacher's Reflections

Perhaps it was the ice storm that left the playground like a skating rink nestled among trees.  Or perhaps it was the freezing temperatures day after day, because we have not been outside at school.  Whatever the reason, today was a day not to be remembered.  By mid morning I felt cranky.  So did the children.  I did the best thing I could do, picked up a book that was tuned into the moment- No, David, by David Shannon.

I was feeling just like David’s mother.  The children must have been feeling like David.  We read the book together six times.  Six!  Then we laughed.  Then we belly laughed.

The children have been moving and jumping and singing for days.  Today they were tired of their favorite songs.  They began fighting over their favorite toys. Even the best Beanie Babies were left on the floor.  Yelling?  Pushing?  Yup! Children…

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