I Need Your Help! JABBIC #covercontest #AuthorshelpingAuthors

A great way to support an author is to vote for them in the various contests, particularly those for book covers. Jacquie Biggar is looking for a helping hand for her book Tempted for Mr. Wrong. You will find the cover in her post and if you like there is a link to vote for it. thanks Sally

Jacquie Biggar-USA Today Best-selling author


About the JABBIC

The JABBIC was introduced in 2005 by the Houston Bay Area chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Judged by independent bookstores around the world, it remains the premier cover contest in the romance writing community.

In addition, the Readers’ Choice judging offers authors and artists the opportunity to get their work in front of thousands of eager fans.

This is a great contest. The winner is featured in the Romance Writers of America magazine, with an outreach of thousands and retains a place on the contest’s website for life. I was lucky enough to win in 2015 with The Sheriff Meets His Match.


Both of these are Kim Killion covers. I highly recommend her, she’s fast, professional, and a dream to work with!

I would deeply appreciate your support in voting for Tempted by Mr. Wrong. It’s about 3/4 of the way down the page…

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7 thoughts on “I Need Your Help! JABBIC #covercontest #AuthorshelpingAuthors

  1. Glad to. I have been drooling over that cover each time I see it. And not due to age, thank you very much. That is one of the most handsome men I have seen in a while. Those eyes!!! And that smile–okay have to stop myself now. Grand kids are coming over .:)

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