How Not to Become a Troubled School Shooter

Another thought provoking post from Jennie Fitzkee who has been a pre-school teacher for over 30 years. For those of us who find her posts on her classroom inspiring and informative, this post should be spread far and wide. Please head over and discover how the complex issue of disturbed young people who feel the need to harm their fellow classmates, could be countered by some simple but vital everyday activities.. #brilliant

A Teacher's Reflections

Make Friends

Be Kind



Read Books, Together


Know That Crying Lets The Hurt Come Out

Tell Stories, Real and Make Believe

Tell your Mom When You Feel Angry

Say Please and Thank You

Ask For Help

Accept Help

Remember That People Love You

Play Outside

Run, Jump, and Swing Really High

Be a Listener

Know That Scared and Lonely Does Not Feel Good

Remember That a Hug Feels Really Good

Watch the Wonders of Nature and Animals

Love a Dog, Pat a Bunny

Let Ladybugs and Beetles Crawl on You.

Write Your Stories

Draw Pictures and Paint

Sing Loud


Follow the Golden Rule


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5 thoughts on “How Not to Become a Troubled School Shooter

      • Those red ants. Lived in Miami Dade Country for 60 years and they were the enemy of every kid. Some bites transferred hook worm or maybe from the soil around the nests and cat feces traces. How I used to swell up with oozing boil from every bite. I blame it on that damn Noah for bringing two of them along on that ark !

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      • Thanks Carl..I have a bad reaction to stings, and we were in the hot tub in Houston in November and they had nested under the wooden surround. When I sat down on it they attacked and of course I jumped in the water and that drove them into a frenzy.. Luckily one of our friends had his car parked close by in the complex and had his keys. There was an emergency room about a mile down the freeway and he got us there very quickly. I had full on anaphylactic shock and I almost saw Noah in the afterlife for myself to complain in person. Enjoy your weekend. Sally


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