Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – The Restless Spirit by Billy Ray Chitwood

It is time for another post from the archives of Billy Ray Chitwood. As someone who has lived a nomadic life as a child with my father’s career in the Royal Navy, and then in the last 38 years of marriage and travelling for work and to live, I can empathise with Billy Ray as he talks about his restless spirit. This is meant to be our last house!  About the time that the house and and garden are fully restored in the next few months…. watch this space.

The Restless Spirit by Billy Ray Chitwood

Under a pale blue morning sky a long plume of white misty cloud softly touches the Sea of Cortez, and I ponder the spirit of the restless.

In fact, it is my own restless spirit that dictates this post, given energy by the ghosts from an Appalachian youth of mobility and uncertainty, by my own selfish need to describe the nature of my beast. This restless spirit is not something that embarrasses me or shames me in my eyes. It is a constant companion which I have nourished all my life with impulsive, spontaneous acts. It is something I accept as I do the color of my hair, my skin, the whole DNA networking inside my body walls. It is likely not so distinctive as one might expect. This restless spirit, this wanderlust component, must reside in legions of us.

This post began with a description of the beautiful sea that displays its gaudy deep green beauty outside my windows. This sea, this constant sun, this life style is the stuff of dreams. How could anyone be restless watching the sail boats, the ski jets, the parasailers high above the crystalline water, the people frolicking along the long stretch of sandy beach? Grab a Corona, a Tequila Sunrise, and live your dream, right? Well, that great big sea reaches out to a far horizon, and, after a few Coronas and Tequila Sunrises, the restless spirit can start its gnawing litany of thought… What’s beyond that horizon?

Where have I not yet been? What have I not yet done? I’ve been here for a few years now. Is it not time to go? Even Paradise has its limits!

Okay, here’s the deal! I buy a new car. In a year I tire of the car and want another make and model. The same with living quarters! After a few years I want new quarters. It does not matter to the restless spirit that it is contemplating giving up ‘heaven,’ its life style of which other people can only dream. In this case, it is a stunning, luxurious two-level penthouse where the host of the restless spirit has come to retire, where the only really pressing decisions to make daily are food selections, social media caretaking, and the book-writing periods. There are people who live in the same house in the same town in the same state all their lives. Not me! In the past thirty years, I’ve lived in twelve different places. You do the math! I’ve probably lost count.

Yes, I’ve still got a lovely wife who is a polar opposite. She is calm, patient, puts up with me, would have been happy to live our lives out in that first place thirty years back. Guess she loves me to keep uprooting her the way I do. Is this crazy, or, what?!

So, anyone interested in a 3600 square foot penthouse? I’ll buy yours. You buy mine. I’ll be fair, even leave all the furniture, utensils, everything, totally turnkey — just bring your clothes and a toothbrush. You will have constant sun, constant sea, constant beauty. The only catch is, you need to have something equally as nice, something that turns on my restless spirit, and your place has to be free and clear like my place. Any takers?

Worried about Mexico and all the media hype? Been coming here from Arizona for over forty years. I’ve felt safer here than any place I’ve ever lived. The people of Mexico are friendly, helpful, kind, and appreciative of our US dollars. Crime, drug cartels? I’m sure they’re around somewhere in the country, killing off themselves, mostly. One could be reminded that my great country, the US, has its share of drug cartels and crime…

But back to this restless spirit thing… Do I wish that it was not there? ‘Yes’ is the honest answer, but there is an honest qualifier. The books I’ve written, the poems, the songs, the posts, all the penning? Are they worthy? Of course, I think so, but the true judges are the readers and the lovers of poetry and song. But ‘worthy’ is not the point I’m making here.

The point is, maybe all my words would not have been out there in print and Cyberspace had I not had the restless spirit — not that one cannot write without it. But, me, could I have ‘done all that’ in ‘my way’ without that restless spirit.

I’m just saying…

©Billy Ray Chitwood.

Thanks to Billy Ray for another wonderful post on life and the human condition. I know he would love to hear about your restless spirit…..

A small selection of the books by Billy Ray Chitwood

A recent review of Mama’s Madness

Karen Ingalls  4.0 out of 5 stars Chilling  February 4, 2018

A chilling and disturbing story based on a true event. I had difficulty putting the book down hoping that the main character would be found and punished. There were some editorial issues and at times there was too much repetition, but overall a good book. I appreciated the author’s epilogue which gave the story more meaning.

And one for Stranger Abduction

“Stranger Abduction” is a well-written novel based on an actual event. A mother and daughter walk from their home to a store in Arizona and never make it back. Mr. Chitwood gives a very viable and chilling account as to what might have happened next. Doris and Deena find themselves thrown into the human trafficking trade, while the Deputy Jack Kiefer never gives up on finding them. The details and characters kept this a page turning book as well as the side story with the Deputy. This is a glimpse into an evil that is going on around us as “products” (a label used for Doris and Deena) are being drugged and used for other’s gratification or service. I highly recommend this book, because even with a dark subject matter there are always heroes.

Read the reviews and discover and buy the books:

And Amazon UK:

Read more reviews and follow Billy Ray on Goodreads:

About Billy Ray Chitwood

An Appalachian hill boy from east Tennessee, Billy Ray Chitwood has family roots that go back to tenth century England and a hamlet just north of London called Chetwode.

Billy Ray received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, taught high school ‘Advanced Writing’ in Lorain, Ohio. He has served honorably and proudly in the United States Navy. Aside from sales/marketing management positions with top textbook publishers, he has been a model and an actor in film, stage, television. He is still active in his own business as the CEO of Chitwood, Inc.

Billy Ray has written fifteen books, most of which you will find on amazon and amazon UK. Many of his novels of fiction were inspired from actual crimes. His first book, “The Cracked Mirror – Reflections Of An Appalachian Son,” is a fictional memoir which has much factual and historical accuracy about the author’s own life.

Currently, Billy Ray spends his time on the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee with his lovely wife, Julie Anne, and their feisty but lovable Bengal cat named George.

Connect to Billy Ray


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48 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – The Restless Spirit by Billy Ray Chitwood

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  2. Wow, sounds gorgeous Billy Ray. Wish I had something to trade, but I know what you’re saying as I sit on my vacation condo balcony facing the Pacific right now in PV Mexico. Truly beautiful here and the people are kind and friendly too. Beautiful post. 🙂 x

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  4. I read your post with interest, Billy Ray, because I do not have a similarly restless spirit. I often have a sense of wanting stuff (a new car, a meal at a new restaurant, a new brand of toothpaste, a new vacation home, etc. etc. etc.) that I am very aware has been created by (heartbreakingly, to me) some of our most clever and creative minds + billions of dollars worth of beautiful and seductive advertising — which, of course, is almost everywhere on busses, billboards, bus stops, TV shows, in the previews at movie theaters, in the previews before YouTube videos, imbedded in blog posts, etc. etc. etc. If I am able to set all of this advertising-created dissatisfaction and desire aside (which I am not even sure is humanly possible to do), I am surprisingly grateful for my simple life and current state of health. And I will concede/admit that sometimes when a see a travel show on TV, I think to myself, “I’d like to explore that town…” I look forward to reading more about your restless spirit in future blogs — and to reading other people’s comments about restlessness and gratitude and satisfaction and wanderlust and rootedness!

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  5. Right there with you, Billy Ray. I’ve moved nearly 40 times in my life and sense I’m not done yet. I think those of us with a strong connection to our home of origin ~ the stars from whence we came ~ are pulled toward it like the ocean to the moon. And because we’re not fully aware of this, we call it ‘restless.’ But it’s simply our spirits moving toward home ❤

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  6. Billy Ray, I loved this read. Terrific! My restless spirit seems to erupt more in my classroom, igniting learning in the best of ways. I would dearly love to trade places, but mine still has a foot of snow on the ground (more on the way). Ha! 🙂 Many thanks for a great post!

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  7. “Even paradise has its limits…” Wow! What a great post. I too was born with a bit of gypsy in me. I’ve never resisted change and have lived a multitude of places. I hope someone took you up on the Penthouse. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Penthouses on the Sea of Cortez brings lots of interest, Jan. Julie, I, and George (our bengal cat – gone now – sad!) were by the sea for several years and have now been several years in our huge ‘Old Kentucky Home’ (built in 1871 – added on and renewed 2012 to modern conveniences). The ‘itch’ is there because of my lifelong ‘gypsy’ ways, and, because the kids want us closer to them in Arizona. We do love it, but it’s a lot to manage – 7 acres, and, with main house and pool house, some 8,000 square feet… Would be a perfect ‘Bed and Breakfast’ set-up for an enterprising couple, with civil war sites nearby, KY bourbon distilleries, and Lincoln’s rolling hills. We vascillate, dither, because we really do love the place…
      Pardon the ‘ramble on’, but, you’re too easy to visit with, Jan! 🙂 ♥

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  9. Interesting post with thoughtful questions and insights, Billy Ray. For the most part, I’ve parted ways with my restless spirit. I was not enamored with my home of origin (NJ), so once I found a life in other places, I settled down a bit. 20 years in the SF Bay Area helped me stay put and look inward for answers. I find that the places I visit (in my head) while I’m writing keep me sane and happy. 😏

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